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relativistic Doppler effect vs Laser Doppler method

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relativistic Doppler effect

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  • Doppler effect of light is also called relativistic Doppler effect so as to distinguish it from the normal or mechanical waves, such as the sound ones, Doppler effect.
  • Likewise, the argument is the same one than with the gravitational red shift even though specific details are different and, maybe, more complex because in the relativistic Doppler effect intervene more than an energy effect.
  • Of course, it's true that this relativistic Doppler effect is produced whether it is the transmitter or receiver of the wave which is in motion. Moreover, the calculi of GR offer satisfactory results.
  • There is an essential difference between the relativistic Doppler effect and the one of the Theory of Global Equivalence: for the second one, an energy effect will be produced on the moving body, not regarding any observer but with regard to the natural reference system.
  • The relativistic Doppler effect has always seemed very strange to me; on the one hand, it is said that the speed of light is the same for all observers, and on the other, there exists a relativistic Doppler effect or relativistic redshift.
  • Although the relativistic Doppler effects justifies itself at the same time as an energy exchange, it is done as a consequence of temporal dilation, instead of the correct reason
  • which is the energy equivalence due to relative Euclidean motion.
  • Due to the current relativistic paradigm, the Doppler effect of light calculations need the relativity of time for representing the impact velocity of a photon against a moving body to be higher than *c* or, otherwise, lower.

Laser Doppler method

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Some examples from the web:

  • Velocities have been measured with a laser
  • doppler system.
  • Backscatter, two
  • component, four beam LDA (Laser Doppler Anemometer) system and a Dantec LDA signal processor (58N40 FVA Enhanced).
  • Figure 2: Laser Doppler perfusion image of the back of the hand after application of a vasodilating cream.
  • The Lisca Laser Doppler Perfusiuon Imager is said to represent a new dimension in understanding both healthy and disturbed microvascular perfusion as seen in injuries or in many types of diseases.
  • The measurement is repeatable and can be performed in only one minute, instead of the usual 30 minutes that are required to perform the manual Doppler method.
  • a. Doppler laser method;

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