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expand knowledge vs extend knowledge

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

expand knowledge is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

expand knowledge

6,910,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • New applications of technologies in the physical and biological science continue to expand knowledge of cellular processes at the individual molecular level.
  • Promote and support research to expand knowledge of the effects, in terms of safety, of its operations by applying the significant results and making them readily available, as appropriate, to employees, government agencies, contractors and anyone else who might be involved;
  • While it is allowing expand knowledge about music and different genres.
  • The experience of the WHO can help to expand knowledge and exchange of good practice.
  • Both British and French projects began as mere attempts to expand knowledge of Greek antiques beyond the work of Desgodetz and eventually grew into comparative discourse over Roman and Greek art, starting a wide public debate on their relative merits.
  • Mabel Plasencia: On the same topic of materials, your Materiability Research Network provides a database for materials, tutorials and forums on which researchers can expand knowledge.
  • It Is a great opportunity to expand knowledge and awareness of Italian wine and especially to savour it in comfort to understand its true essence.
  • The Salone del Camper also offers a rich programme of diversions with an increase in the "routes and destinations" section, aimed to expand knowledge about the culture of the territories and new tourist destinations.
  • Expand knowledge of all facets of technical production in the shoe sector's pipeline.
  • Expand knowledge of internal processes and technologies to improve the quality of products and productivity.
  • The most primitive materialist cannot deny the scientific importance of biology, and this acknowledgment links him with those tasks that expand knowledge.

extend knowledge

177,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • REACH must also extend knowledge on chemicals by forming a European database and stimulate innovation by encouraging the substitution of substances of concern.
  • In the United States, this new market, this innovation, this dissemination of innovation - and the great difference is that it is a telecommunications innovation which also extends knowledge to the peripheries - emphatically did not come about through private initiative.
  • This one-stop shop should aim to remove obstacles, especially arising from work-related social security questions, and to extend the knowledge of workers about their individual rights.
  • The term 'equipment suppliers' should be understood in a rather broad sense in order to extend the knowledge boundaries of the information exchange.
  • The unification of this research at European level will help to extend our knowledge of fluctuations in demand for specific jobs in national markets and will enable more accurate employment and pay forecasts to be made.
  • They refuse to extend their base of knowledge beyond the bounds of basic investigative procedure.
  • We should all think that knowledge comes from our senses, so if we extend our senses, we will consequently extend our knowledge.
  • We should all think that knowledge comes from our senses, so if we extend our senses, we will consequently extend our knowledge.
  • During the second half of the movie, all the excrements pieces of food and vegetables are put into jars as if he wanted to have a collection or a library to extend his knowledge and his mind.
  • I hope that this House will seek to expedite its consideration of the legislation which has been here since last spring as far as my knowledge extends.
  • It can extend society's knowledge in the area of healthy living, for example, by campaigns and educational measures, but it cannot be a substitute for this knowledge.
  • Scientific and technical knowledge now extends to the effects that pollutants have on human health; there is awareness of the need for stricter criteria, and the ability is there to produce them.
  • Furthermore, if the possibility exists that the evidence may extend to information and knowledge which a Member State has communicated to Europol or which clearly involves a Member State, the position of that Member State concerning the evidence shall be sought before permission is granted.
  • To my knowledge, there is not, however, at present any definite intention to extend it in this way.
  • However, as always, the European Commission seizes on another opportunity to extend its own remit and responsibilities - here 'to develop a knowledge base, identify gaps', etc.
  • Its influence must extend beyond the purely financial: it is a major source of knowledge and know-how that must be put to optimum use in order to achieve the best possible benefits for society.
  • And this extends to another problem which has arisen in relation to the fisheries agreement, to which there has been a modification without the knowledge of the signatories.
  • However, they would also allow the national regulator to extend this period to prevent subscribers being switched without their knowledge to a new operator from one day to the next ("slamming").
  • We must conclude that there is a total lack of knowledge as to what the European Ombudsman's function and remit are, and how far the scope of his action extends.
  • It should therefore be made clear that the terms 'knowledge based' and 'multifunctional' can also be regarded as alternatives and research can likewise extend to other materials with special properties.


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