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increase limits vs rise limits

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increase limits is the most popular phrase on the web.

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increase limits

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Some examples from the web:

  • Maximum density increase of limit sample compared to new euro banknote
  • Moreover the combination of the two procedural steps leads to increase time limits by at least 15 calendar days.
  • Subject: Increase in limit value for bisphenol A by EFSA
  • I therefore find it worrying that there is now a desire to increase the limit values.
  • In this sense, I believe it is appropriate to increase the limit for objective liability proposed by the Commission from ECU 100000 to ECU 120000.
  • whereas efforts to increase the limits of liability imposed in the Warsaw Convention should continue through negotiation at multilateral level;
  • Seen against this background, the common position represents a very significant increase in the limit value.
  • The modification envisaged will result in an overall increase of the limits for airborne and liquid effluent discharges in order to allow for tritium and carbon 14.

rise limits

43,600 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • As part of its austerity drive, the Commission is planning to limit pay rises for EU officials.
  • All agree the window of opportunity open to us to stabilise emissions and limit the rise in temperature to two degrees above pre
  • industrial levels will close within seven years.
  • Subject: Commission proposal to limit pay rises for EU employees
  • The basic aim of long
  • term EU climate policy is to limit the rise in temperature to a maximum of 2ºC above pre
  • industrial levels.
  • Only by implementing measures to prevent concentration along the food supply chain and speculation in agricultural commodities and to reduce production costs, can we limit the rise in food prices.

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