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increase the limits vs Raise the limits

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increase the limits is the most popular phrase on the web.

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increase the limits

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Some examples from the web:

  • whereas efforts to increase the limits of liability imposed in the Warsaw Convention should continue through negotiation at multilateral level;
  • I therefore find it worrying that there is now a desire to increase the limit values.
  • In this sense, I believe it is appropriate to increase the limit for objective liability proposed by the Commission from ECU 100000 to ECU 120000.
  • 2. The Member States may authorise the contracting parties to increase the limit fixed in Article 2(2) by a maximum of 15 % for each of the products concerned.
  • Firstly, we want it spelt out even more clearly that in five years' time, after the review, moves will be made to increase the limit values; we want this laid down now along with the eight decibels.
  • Until 31 December 1998, Member States may increase the limit laid down in Article 49(1) to 40 % and the limit laid down in Article 49(2) to 30 %.
  • Seen against this background, the common position represents a very significant increase in the limit value.
  • The modification envisaged will result in an overall increase of the limits for airborne and liquid effluent discharges in order to allow for tritium and carbon 14.

Raise the limits

4,160 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Without prejudice to the limits laid down in Article 25, the Member States may raise the limits laid down in Article 22 to a maximum of
  • The Protocol introduces compulsory insurance to cover passengers on ships and raises the limits of liability.
  • The Member States may raise the limit laid down in paragraph 1 to a maximum of 35 %.
  • We prefer the original proposal which makes it possible in certain circumstances to raise the limit to 100 employees.
  • Note that the problem is made even more serious by Article 35 of the loi de finances rectificative pour 2000, which raises the limit to FRF 5 million.
  • I am, however, prepared to raise the limit on subventions to the 70% permissible under the Commission's established financial rules, but I cannot go beyond this.
  • Any objection to raise the limit, say £500?
  • Unfortunately, these endeavours will now be to no avail if, at the same time, the EU intends to raise the limit values for noxious heavy metals in fish.

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