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adopt a definition vs apply a definition

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

adopt a definition is the most popular phrase on the web.

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adopt a definition

1,760,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We are now to adopt a definition of vodka.
  • Parliament should therefore adopt a definition of vodka that would secure the reputation and leading market position of this spirit drink.
  • In order to promote genuine mutual trust between judiciaries of the Member States, it is important to adopt a definition of training which is as broad as possible, with the aim of establishing a common European judicial culture.
  • Calls on the members of the UN Security Council to adopt a definition of conflict resources and to add natural resources management to the mandate of the Peacebuilding Commission;
  • It is crucial for the European Union to adopt a harmonised definition of organised crime that covers all of these areas.
  • They may adopt a higher joint definition and establish solidarity mechanisms to help each other achieve this objective.
  • It is important for transparency to adopt a harmonised basic definition of cogeneration.
  • MEPs call on the EU and the candidate countries to adopt a joint definition of terrorism which should become part of the acquis communautaire.

apply a definition

927,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Can't you apply a definition, like for example, a Supreme Court
  • like definition of life?
  • Can't you apply a definition, like for example, a Supreme Court
  • like definition of life? "And then I thought about it a little bit, and I said, "Well, is it really that easy?
  • Consequently, the claim to apply a different definition of production capacity has to be rejected.
  • This legislation should apply a broad definition of the term 'family member' since there are several different family configurations in present
  • day society which should all be treated equally and have the same rights.
  • A Member State or region may choose to apply a forest definition, other than the one in point (r) of paragraph 1, based on existing national law or inventory system.


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