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develop a definition vs formulate a definition

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develop a definition is the most popular phrase on the web.

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develop a definition

8,430,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • For instance, isn't it necessary to develop a Community definition on the notion of employee?
  • In order to ensure a high level of protection of human health, free movement of goods and legal certainty for manufacturers, it is necessary to develop a uniform definition for engineered nanomaterial at international level.
  • Requests that the Commission develop a comprehensive definition of the Digital Agenda and make it subject to further discussion with Parliament and the Council, in order to achieve common understanding among the EU institutions on key objectives and goals;
  • Urges the Commission to develop a common definition of average noise level at ground level, which must serve as a basis for developing noise standards at European airports;
  • Calls on the Commission to develop a European framework definition of homelessness, gather comparable and reliable statistical data, and provide annual updates on action taken and progress made in EU Member States towards ending homelessness;
  • We need to develop a common and comprehensive definition and concept of security and risks to security.
  • Underlines the necessity to enhance a transatlantic dialogue on the economic, social and ecological causes of insecurity in order to develop a common and comprehensive definition and conception of security and risks to security;
  • I am also delighted that it has proved possible to develop definitions of 'consumer' and 'professional', and that the definitions are sound.

formulate a definition

360,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Together, we can formulate a restrictive definition, as we did in the case of Article 6 at Doha, of what constitutes a national emergency.
  • Does it consider it feasible to formulate a specific definition of over
  • indebtedness at EU level? 3.
  • First of all, a coherent definition would be impossible in view of the diversity of territorial structures and national practices, and then the political will to formulate such a definition is lacking, as is even a simple majority in favour of definition.
  • Does the Commission intend to renew efforts to formulate a single, common definition of mobbing and to draft a directive on the subject?
  • It is immensely difficult to formulate universally accepted definitions so it should be emphasised that the following is only a rough guide.
  • I agree with the points made in the amendments and you may be sure that we shall use them to help formulate the definition in line with the interpretation of the European Court of Justice in the O' Flynn case.
  • We need to assess the situation, formulate a strategy...

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