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in hope of vs in hope that

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

in hope of is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

in hope of

9,900,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Uncle Burnett continued further east in hope of reaching the outpost.
  • New waves of immigrants flock to the imperialist countries in hope of a better life.
  • Every day, immigrants came in hope of striking their fortune.
  • The coyotes used this tunnel to smuggle some of us out of the aisle... in hope of a better life.
  • Kept there yet by the medicus, in hope of recovery.
  • After his expulsion from Iceland Erik the Red discovered Greenland, a name he chose in hope of attracting Icelandic settlers.
  • I hope the council understand that I bring these informations in hope of reformation, and not reproach.
  • Many e-commerce firms are growing wildly and a few are profitable, but others are still dedicating huge amounts of money in hope of future profits.
  • For thousands of years since, townspeople have gathered to light bonfires, perform rituals, and feast, in hope of appeasing evil spirits and protecting their families through the winter.
  • Nicola Bussoti, a master violin craftsman, has created the "most perfect acoustic machine," in hope of his unborn son to be a great musician.
  • The work for the cause continues, in hope of a new miracle that may lead to the canonization of Francisco and Jacinta.
  • During this time the police department was always raiding one gang after another in hope of bringing peace to the city.
  • 1808-1840 Large-scale aliyah in hope of Hastening Redemption in anticipation of the arrival of the Messiah in 1840.
  • First reports of a targeted research of the volcano date back to 1766, when Count Zedtwitz (BR 2059, Podhradí through point) ordered the excavation of a 100-metre long drift in hope of finding coal beds.
  • According to The New York Times exact statement: Over the next few months, Posada volunteered information to the agency in hope of obtaining American visas for himself and his family.
  • The ancient writers report that in 389 the Etruscans, the Volsci and the Aequi all raised armies in hope of exploiting this blow to Roman power.
  • Nurtured its culture of Mazzini's writings and lived in hope of a free and fair and in the great myth of art.
  • Three months I've been studying, working, living in hope of doing something better!
  • Recently, I spent some time placing books in Miami, and I offer my experiences in hope of stimulating more ideas:
  • Misfits following a misfit in hope of rescuing a misfit.

in hope that

7,540,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Our daughters, we send away..." "in hope that they will be cared for, but we're disappointed.
  • This ungrateful girl is leaving home in hope that her father Will come to his senses and look for the girl.
  • I live in hope that, as a result of this, we might one day - you never know, colleagues, you never know - we might just get a decent service into Strasbourg.
  • I live in hope that it may pass, but that wretched man persists in writing to her.
  • So, while I come here anxious about the state we are in, I come here too in hope that finally we might actually do something and take seriously the question of global food security.
  • And in hope that it will meet their eyes...
  • In hope that one day...
  • I write in hope that one day you will answer me, and that everything can again be like it was.
  • I wrote this next song for my wife Natalie, in hope that she'd forgive me.
  • I've looked into their eyes and heard their voices always in hope that I might find you.
  • I still do not understand them, but I live in hope that one day I will be able to see how these inverted tariffs apply to mummies and dried fish.
  • I am sending delegations to America and Great Britain, as well as India, in hope that these countries will recognize our independence.
  • In hope that one day...
  • I think that that's because I've always lived in hope that when I was a grown-up, I wouldn't have one.
  • In hope that you appear, I have collected a year's worth of tears.


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