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have different opinions vs are of different opinions

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

have different opinions is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

have different opinions

3,930,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Mrs Roure, please try and understand that in some parties, people are allowed to have different opinions.
  • We may have different opinions about what happened, but do not compare Iraq with a European democracy and sovereign state.
  • We may have different opinions here on one or two points, but if we as Europeans are divided in what we say there, we will not be considered credible, and if we are not credible other people will not follow us.
  • Naturally, people may have different opinions on whether or not to grant discharge, but that is not what these passages, which I read out at the beginning, were about - not at all.
  • Sometimes doctors have different opinions, you know.
  • We have different opinions as to how the laws should look.
  • We all, probably, have different opinions on it.
  • It is quite normal that Council and Parliament sometimes have different opinions.
  • Naturally, people have different opinions.
  • Here today we can already see that different Member States have different opinions on the question of Georgia.
  • Mr President, in principle, guaranteeing the fundamental rights of all citizens is of major importance, although we have different opinions on how this should be done.
  • As Liberals and Greens, we clearly have different opinions on how the world should look, but we are well on the way to agreement as to our objectives, and we shall try to find reasonable solutions to our problems.
  • We do live on an island, but we have different opinions on what that island should be.
  • The EU must make it quite clear that while we may have different opinions on other issues and still carry on with the agenda, this specific topic is a priority for the EU.
  • Those who have different opinions or those who have not read the report, have said that it lacks content and ambition.
  • I simply say that they have different opinions and that one of the reasons for that may be that they have different histories.
  • We have different opinions on many things, but I think, on the general point of wanting to do the right thing to assist in feeding the hungry of the world, this text is a step in the right direction.
  • Other people have different opinions.
  • That is something we might have different opinions as to the desirability of.

are of different opinions

1,140 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We have nothing to hide, Platon Andreyevich but with full confidence in your taste, if you are of a different opinion...
  • However, a large number of fellow Members, like me, are of a different opinion, as Mr Klinz pointed out.
  • Are you of a different opinion?
  • Does the Commission also agree that it is inappropriate for Catherine Ashton to express an opinion on the subject despite the fact that EU Member States are of a different opinion?
  • You will have seen from the debate that the school milk scheme is a very sensitive issue indeed, on which there are many different shades of opinion, and that means that he certainly did not have an easy job.
  • Control of the media and of different opinions is typical for totalitarian regimes.
  • Interruptions in debates and a visible display of different opinions are part and parcel of normal parliamentary practice.
  • What happened in Göteborg was that we had a wide-ranging democratic dialogue with people of different opinions to ourselves.
  • Sometimes doctors have different opinions, you know.
  • Poland appreciates different opinions and does not resent criticism.
  • This will allow the investigating body to receive any additional relevant information and to be aware of different opinions on its work so that it can complete its investigation in the most appropriate manner.
  • We have different opinions as to how the laws should look.
  • Therefore we must recognise that there are widely different opinions honestly held in this House.
  • Peter's mother was of a different opinion.
  • But in the discussions on pluralism, most of the time we talk about doing justice to the different opinions of individuals.
  • I think your deep-cover agent might have a different opinion.
  • She has managed to reconcile the different opinions across the committee, so I believe this report represents a real step forward.
  • Then we heard a different opinion from Mr Posselt, who belongs to the same group.
  • There are two different opinions on this in our group.
  • But recently you have very different opinions with Gaia.


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