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the majority is vs the majority are

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

the majority is is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

the majority is

4,810,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • If the majority is in favour of this proposal, I would like to propose a second roll-call vote to wind up the debate with a resolution.
  • Do we have the right to keep building a society where the majority is excluded?
  • The majority decides; the majority is always right; that is the attitude.
  • However, there is one proposal that I would have voted against had there not been a vote in the committee, and that is that the majority is introducing less stringent rules for employment in the home.
  • The majority is in favour.
  • Most of this is in developing countries, and the majority is in Africa.
  • Well, it can't be a coincidence that the majority is victims are known drug users.
  • In the end, the majority is so.
  • By submitting to all this, the majority is unfortunately reserving a subordinate role for the European Parliament.
  • I therefore deeply regret the fact that in the Swedish Parliament the majority is not in favour of Sweden joining the Euro Pact.
  • With natural gas, of course, it is that the majority is imported from Russia.
  • Now, Mr Antonione tells us that he has taken note of the fact that the majority is opposed to this.
  • Later on, after consulting them, if the majority is in favour of the subject, I will propose it, and the House can amend the agenda at that time.
  • The challenge we have now is to get away from that, understand where the majority is, and that is very clearly shown in this question.
  • By once again imposing the original wording, however, the majority is causing Parliament once again to persist with an approach that I believe to be unrealistic and unacceptable.
  • To quote a great German, Schiller, in your native English, Baroness, 'The voice of the majority is no proof of justice'.
  • We are delighted that the majority is in favour of only giving EU money to towns with over 100000 inhabitants which can also submit a sustainable mobility plan.
  • I'm kind of surprised at the fact that the majority is, like, overwhelmingly positive.
  • And the majority is the voice of caution
  • whereas only some 20% of world banana production is exported, as the majority is intended for domestic markets,

the majority are

4,340,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • In fact, the majority are cemeteries.
  • These reactions are related to the pharmacologic effects of Vectibix, and the majority are mild to moderate in nature with approximately 10% severe (grade 3 or higher, NCI-CTC).
  • We have found that some such differences still exist, partly because of the forthcoming elections in Slovenia, but that the majority are firmly resolved to continue moving closer to Europe.
  • The EMPs took down some of the Hydra forces, but the majority are equipped with shielding that -
  • In Piedmont (68%) and Lombardy 67%), the majority are women.
  • Of the circulating metabolites, the majority are glucuronide conjugates of posaconazole with only minor amounts of oxidative (CYP450 mediated) metabolites observed.
  • Some of his acolytes are very famous people, but... the majority are acolytes anonymous.
  • And we have a school. This is our bright - we opened [in the] last two years [an] elementary school where we have 850 children, and the majority are women and girls.
  • The majority are just little boats like these, which unload each morning on the coasts of Senegal.
  • The majority are sea creatures, but sometimes, there are animals that fell into the water from the skies above.
  • Some of the long hauls are a little late rising, but the majority are up and about.
  • Will the Commission condemn the iniquitous situation whereby one section of the community, the travellers, has protected rights that allow them to break laws that the majority are forced to abide by?
  • But truth be told, the majority aren't, not really.
  • We know that in all these vulnerable groups the majority are women.
  • biological consequences - because the majority are dead or moribund,
  • Based on the Recommendation, some Member States adopted specific legislation, while the majority are implementing its provisions based on generic national rules.
  • There are certainly some countries in Europe that do not have nuclear power, but the majority are extremely, or completely, dependent on it.
  • Perhaps not 100% of them are in favour of it, but probably the majority are.
  • There are 120000 businesses, nearly all of them small or medium-sized, involved in all aspects of the textile and clothing industry, and of over 2 million jobs the majority are occupied by women.
  • Other than these difficulties, it is our obligation to respond to the immense hope that Europe represents for the applicant countries, of whom the majority are discovering, after long dark years of communist totalitarianism, the promising road to democracy.


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