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promote knowledge vs foster knowledge

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

promote knowledge is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

promote knowledge

375,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Understanding social marketing principles and techniques is key to developing public health programs that can promote knowledge or positive behaviours as well as reduce risky ones.
  • To promote knowledge and consumption of food products
  • It can improve inter-connectedness, bring about ever closer cooperation and promote knowledge of other nations and languages.
  • This project aims to develop a comprehensive strategy that would promote knowledge of, and experience from, EU regional policy for third countries.
  • to promote knowledge and analysis of skills needs in national and local labour markets;
  • The Commission did not provide a full answer to my Written Question E-2226/04 concerning the amount of funding being provided to promote knowledge of and support for the European Constitution.
  • Introducing competition into markets creates conditions that promote knowledge and innovation, in turn contributing to the EU's competitiveness and the creation of more and better jobs.
  • The PPE-DE proposed an amendment that questioned and sought to improve the operation of the agreement already reached with the Council and promote knowledge and analysis of national and local labour markets.
  • We must also take action to promote knowledge of the behaviour patterns, ways of life and eating habits that make it possible to reduce the risk from various forms of pollution, as we stress in Amendment No 15.
  • (ea) to promote knowledge about the situation in asylum-seekers' countries of origin.
  • (ba) to promote knowledge and the uniform application of anti-discrimination provisions relating to Article 13 of the Treaty on European Union;
  • What is the Commissioner doing to promote knowledge and understanding of consumer rights, which vary across the Member States of the European Union?
  • urges the Commission to offer basic information programmes about the EU in the countries of origin to promote knowledge about and respect for immigrants' rights and duties;
  • First of all, we can give scientific research more substance, make the farmers in this case, but all European citizens too, understand where we want to go and how we will get there, and above all promote knowledge of this scientific research.
  • to promote awareness raising on environmental matters, including generating public and stakeholder support of Union policy-making in the field of the environment, and to promote knowledge on sustainable development and new patterns for sustainable consumption;
  • He also welcomes the work by the Council of Europe to establish guidelines for video games as well as to promote knowledge among children on internet safety in general.
  • With this information platform a country-wide instrument is to be set up to promote knowledge transfer in horticulture.
  • The main aim of the new strategy for youth should be to use existing instruments more effectively and to promote knowledge.
  • Before establishing new mechanisms to promote knowledge transfer (such as mobility or funding schemes), relevant stakeholder groups, including SMEs and large industry as well as public research organisations, are consulted.
  • Subject: Need to promote knowledge of cities

foster knowledge

109,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • One of the basic objectives is to foster knowledge of these techniques so that future European legislation can be easily applied.
  • Strongly encourages the Commission to foster knowledge and innovation in the FP8 further to the midterm review, and recalls the importance of Parliament having the opportunity to express its own priorities prior to the adoption of the FP8 in 2012;
  • In addition, the EIT can foster knowledge sharing, mentoring and networking by encouraging, among other things, the setting up of an EIT alumni network.
  • Through active cooperation with stakeholders, it helps to build capabilities and to foster knowledge-sharing and stronger collaboration across the Union in that field.
  • In this process it is a matter of priority to foster mutual knowledge and cultural ties between peoples.
  • It is also important to foster specific technical knowledge on the features of innovative materials that enable energy savings.
  • In November, the MEPs welcomed the European Commission's proposals for a new Framework Strategy to foster the knowledge of languages and to take cultural advantage of them.
  • 9.1.4 Against this background macroeconomic policies, namely budgetary and tax policies, should foster the knowledge society, particularly by giving priority to a demand pull for new technologies.
  • foster mutual knowledge and understanding between their peoples and of their cultures.
  • Therefore, Parliament welcomed the Commission's proposals for a new Framework Strategy to foster the knowledge of languages and to take cultural and socio-economic advantage of it.
  • It is hoped that the implementation of the new programme will further foster reciprocal knowledge, understanding and tolerance and will reduce social isolation.
  • Welcomes the Commission's commitment, and particularly the new Framework Strategy, to foster the knowledge of languages and take cultural and socio-economic advantage of it;
  • In particular, the budgetary projections incorporate the budgetary cost of the various projects and measures included in the national reform programme, for example to foster a knowledge-based economy, to promote R&D, to enhance human capital development.
  • They help to create jobs, train young people through apprenticeships, pass on traditional knowledge and foster social relationships in the most remote areas.
  • Cooperation and clustering that foster the exchange of knowledge and experience of private partners may be further promoted through a wider spectrum of actions.
  • - local benefits, in that local stakeholders (regional governments, businesses) will see the EIT involvement as prestigious, and as a chance to foster the local knowledge agenda and encourage better cooperation with the university or company concerned.
  • Still under the 2000-06 programming period, among the projects financed by the ESF, one supported the activities of a centre (ludoteca) in Teramo to foster technical-scientific knowledge among children.
  • The Commission fosters exchange of knowledge and good practice through working groups and projects funded under the EU Health Programme The list of projects is available at.
  • In order to foster the transfer of knowledge between scientists and fishermen, the EMFF may support:
  • A new fellowship programme will foster State-to-State knowledge exchange and collaboration, while scientific research and collaboration will be supported by the virtual Data Exploitation Centre (vDEC).


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