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promote knowledge vs produce knowledge

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

promote knowledge is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

promote knowledge

375,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Understanding social marketing principles and techniques is key to developing public health programs that can promote knowledge or positive behaviours as well as reduce risky ones.
  • To promote knowledge and consumption of food products
  • It can improve inter-connectedness, bring about ever closer cooperation and promote knowledge of other nations and languages.
  • This project aims to develop a comprehensive strategy that would promote knowledge of, and experience from, EU regional policy for third countries.
  • to promote knowledge and analysis of skills needs in national and local labour markets;
  • The Commission did not provide a full answer to my Written Question E-2226/04 concerning the amount of funding being provided to promote knowledge of and support for the European Constitution.
  • Introducing competition into markets creates conditions that promote knowledge and innovation, in turn contributing to the EU's competitiveness and the creation of more and better jobs.
  • The PPE-DE proposed an amendment that questioned and sought to improve the operation of the agreement already reached with the Council and promote knowledge and analysis of national and local labour markets.
  • We must also take action to promote knowledge of the behaviour patterns, ways of life and eating habits that make it possible to reduce the risk from various forms of pollution, as we stress in Amendment No 15.
  • (ea) to promote knowledge about the situation in asylum-seekers' countries of origin.
  • (ba) to promote knowledge and the uniform application of anti-discrimination provisions relating to Article 13 of the Treaty on European Union;
  • What is the Commissioner doing to promote knowledge and understanding of consumer rights, which vary across the Member States of the European Union?
  • urges the Commission to offer basic information programmes about the EU in the countries of origin to promote knowledge about and respect for immigrants' rights and duties;
  • First of all, we can give scientific research more substance, make the farmers in this case, but all European citizens too, understand where we want to go and how we will get there, and above all promote knowledge of this scientific research.
  • to promote awareness raising on environmental matters, including generating public and stakeholder support of Union policy-making in the field of the environment, and to promote knowledge on sustainable development and new patterns for sustainable consumption;
  • He also welcomes the work by the Council of Europe to establish guidelines for video games as well as to promote knowledge among children on internet safety in general.
  • With this information platform a country-wide instrument is to be set up to promote knowledge transfer in horticulture.
  • The main aim of the new strategy for youth should be to use existing instruments more effectively and to promote knowledge.
  • Before establishing new mechanisms to promote knowledge transfer (such as mobility or funding schemes), relevant stakeholder groups, including SMEs and large industry as well as public research organisations, are consulted.
  • Subject: Need to promote knowledge of cities

produce knowledge

273,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • So from this perspective, having blogs and wikis produce knowledge has been great.
  • stresses that even small institutions at regional and local level can produce knowledge of worldwide interest in restricted specialist areas, especially when they participate in global networks and collaborate with knowledge-based businesses;
  • Moreover, collaborative research both in Europe and internationally has mobilised European and Partner Countries' competencies to produce scientifically validated knowledge in support of implementation of associated policy recommendations.
  • Current approaches to do so could be complemented by having the scientific community co-produce the necessary knowledge base as a cost-effective way to maximise comprehensiveness, geographical representation and quality.
  • The zone is intended to be a central pole to attract innovative activities and related investment initiatives which will help produce innovative knowledge and facilitate its application in the production chain.
  • Further efforts to strengthen the regulatory context, develop networks, share knowledge, produce guidelines and identify examples of best practice can also contribute to better soil protection.
  • Whether we will produce and use scientific knowledge in a way that highlights once again the Europe of development, knowledge, solidarity and equality will depend on our political choice.
  • If cultivated in this way, knowledge will produce the fruits of learning, which are what the recommendation refers to as attitudes and 'skills'.
  • The application of this technical knowledge to produce fuels from fissionable raw materials of military origin in Russia and the United States of America is a significant contribution by the European industry to disarmament, and I would say, towards efforts for world peace.
  • Mobilising actors to produce and share knowledge, with the aim of striking a balance between sustainability and competitiveness.
  • In the description of the Guide for evaluation of the research content of a project in Doksy No 5-6-1-2-IE, it is underlined that Research content indicates to what degree the project produces new knowledge.
  • Europe has to make considerable improvements to produce new knowledge through basic research, in disseminating it through education and training, and in applying it through innovation, not least in small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • "Found in 1930, I.A.S. Is dedicated to"the original, often speculative thinking "that produces advances in knowledge that change the way we understand the world."
  • Notes that some European Universities are reluctant to make sufficient efforts to achieve a consolidated EHEA, while being part of the EHEA is the only way for some of them to enhance the competitiveness and quality of the knowledge they produce;
  • Today's knowledge-based societies are heavily dependent on their capacity to produce, transfer and utilise knowledge.
  • To the Commission's knowledge, only Nuctech is vertically integrated and produces also the upstream product.
  • They are bound to produce improvements in terms of safety, knowledge and surveillance.
  • In particular, the Pact proposes concentrating knowledge and best practices in order jointly to produce acceptable recommendations for measures in key areas of social and economic life.
  • This published market information is a good means to increase market transparency and customer knowledge, and thus may produce efficiencies.
  • To sum up, we must use the knowledge and funding available carefully to produce a sustainable and sound transport network, and this report provides a very useful starting-point.


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