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the other tremendous cases vs the other many cases

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

the other tremendous cases is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

the other tremendous cases

51,500,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The proposed harmonisation would result in higher taxes in most cases, which would place tremendous burdens on the new Member States.
  • In the case of the Tunguska, it happened over a forest, and you see this tremendous impact wave that flattened these trees like - little toothpicks.
  • She has tremendous influence and the freedom to try only those cases that interest her most.
  • This will remain the case in future, and the country is of tremendous importance, particularly for Europe.
  • In such cases there is tremendous pressure on those caring for those suffering from the disease.
  • Madam President, I very much welcome increased judicial cooperation which will be of tremendous benefit to all our citizens seeking legal advice or bringing forward cases across the European Union.
  • We encountered tremendous support there for our requirements and concerns - particularly from Commissioner Monti and DG XXI - even in those cases where our view did not prevail.
  • Biomedical science has made tremendous progress and yet, in the case of certain genetic diseases and rare disorders, our degree of impotence is unacceptable to patients' families, who feel abandoned and betrayed.
  • A tremendous amount has been achieved, and we are delighted that in many central and eastern European countries, where there have been problems with minorities, such problems have now been addressed and in some cases settled.
  • some people, when someone very close to them dies, they feel a tremendous and, in some cases, crippling sense of guilt.
  • Does the Commission accept that there is a tremendous risk that other countries will view the Commission's compulsory licensing in the Microsoft case as creating the very precedent the Commission seeks to avoid in its TBR notice?

the other many cases

92 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • This latest murder is no more or less tragic than any of the many other cases we have seen.
  • This shocking case is just one more to be added to the many other cases already condemned by Mr Libicki in a report produced by Parliament's Committee on Petitions.
  • On the other hand, in many cases the business and manufacturing operations of companies from the EU-15 countries in the new Member States also provide a boost to economic activity in the former.
  • Many cases are closed without follow-up.
  • In many cases the origins go beyond transport policy.
  • In many cases profits generated are devoted to development causes.
  • It is unfortunately the case that in many cases condemning or protesting alone will not improve matters and may even be counterproductive.
  • These figures, it should be pointed out, in many cases relate to suspected cases.
  • In many cases (six of the 16) the aid dated back to 1998, i.e. well before the Commission opened this case.
  • In many cases, WTO rules and case-law have been partially or completely disregarded, causing damage to Community industry.
  • There are so many cases where the Commission is passive and even in some cases hiding behind the rules.
  • I am referring to the case of Romania where overtime is neither calculated nor legally paid in many cases.
  • In many cases, the case reports were examined by the SC after the cases had been forwarded to the national judicial authorities.
  • There are many cases where criminals pose as policemen.
  • Modern man in many cases surpassed in nature.
  • There are too many cases like this.
  • We don't solve many cases with a composite sketch.
  • Many cases, people have emerged spontan...
  • In many cases, we can provide a first-class relocation.
  • He helped solve many cases and was on our panel for several years.


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