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higher weight vs larger weight

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

higher weight is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

higher weight

5,260,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • May 8, 2018 ... BNC COCA greater weight 37 138 heavier weight 11 40 higher weight 3 33 larger weight 0 5 stronger weight 1 2 bigger weight 0 2.
  • 1 day ago ... The Chinese yuan has been awarded a higher weight in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s five-yearly review of the special drawing ...
  • Apr 17, 2021 ... Restrictive eating disorders in higher weight persons: A systematic review of atypical anorexia nervosa prevalence and consecutive admission ...
  • People with higher weight or living in a larger body (or 'obesity', as it is referred to in a biomedical context) is not an eating disorder or mental ...
  • Women who reported higher weight in adolescence and BMI in early adulthood were younger at MS onset. Future research should investigate whether there is a ...
  • Mar 24, 1998 ... Monstrous Moonshine of higher weight. Authors:C. Dong, G. Mason · Download PDF. Abstract: We determine the space of 1-point correlation ...

larger weight

187,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Among the different strains of rat used successfully in the validation programme, androgen-dependent organ weights are larger in the heavier rat strains than in the lighter strains.
  • A larger community will have more weight when it comes to mastering global tasks.
  • Mr President, we can argue whether a 5% ratio of fin weight to body weight is appropriate or whether a larger proportion is needed.
  • Pinned under the weight of something much larger than he was.
  • So it wouldn't even matter even if he did have the extra weight from the cash, because a larger chute would allow the drop to maintain at that ratio.
  • While Greece's eurozone partners may be able to carry it for decades this way, and even to bail out Spain, the system would surely collapse under the weight of a larger economy.
  • In respect of projects larger than 50 million SDRs special weight shall be given to the expected availability of financing at market or Arrangement terms when considering the appropriateness of such aid.
  • Fair trade must be in a position to concentrate on influencing a larger segment of the supply and distribution chain so as to give greater political weight to this process, while respecting producers' interests.
  • This can happen in patients of any age, but is more likely in infants and small children who are usually given a larger dose of Ceftriaxone on a body weight basis.
  • 2. A lot shall not contain more than 3 % by weight of tubers smaller than the minimum size indicated or more than 3 % by weight of tubers larger than the maximum size indicated.
  • Organ weights should be obtained, and for larger organs, the same area should be collected from all animals.
  • A little larger in the sides. I told you His Eminence gained a lot of weight at that conference in Melbourne!
  • My feeling is that often the larger Member States do not realise that in these times, in the present era of globalisation, even they do not have the weight needed to make a difference on the international political stage on their own.
  • Precipitating complexes and complexes larger than one million Daltons in molecular weight are not observed in vitro or in vivo.
  • All relevant technical data are the same as for its larger brothers of the NormLine series. The lateral cable exit and the low weight are further advantages of this compact proximity sensor.
  • In 1999, responding to a change in market demand, it began to produce larger ships measuring up to [...] m in length, with a weight of [...] tonnes and a cargo capacity of up to 850 TEU.
  • A reduction in body weight was seen in patients treated with BYETTA irrespective of the occurrence of nausea although the reduction was larger in the group with nausea (mean reduction 2.4kg versus 1.7kg) in the long term controlled studies of up to 52 weeks.
  • The economic weight of a Member State as reflected in its GDP mp is an appropriate component as the impact of central bank decisions is greater in Member States with larger economies than in those with smaller economies.
  • I started doing some research then, and this was the 25-year journey, and started finding out that actually human beings as primates have far smaller stomachs than should be the size for our body weight and far larger brains.
  • In order to obtain the same representativeness, for batches with food products with large particle size, the weight of the aggregate sample should be larger than in case of batches with food products with a smaller particle size.


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