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a lot of tasks vs many tasks

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

a lot of tasks is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

a lot of tasks

11,300,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • But for a lot of tasks, they actually either don't work or, often, they do harm.
  • It's always dark. They have to do science. They have a lot of tasks.
  • But for a lot of tasks, they actually either don't work or, often, they do harm.
  • It would be difficult in the long term to impose a lot of major new tasks upon the Commission without also providing the necessary resources in terms of staff and administrative resources.
  • We're under a lot of pressure with the task force, so we could really use a win.
  • That is why I urge you to grant a great deal of importance and to devote a lot of time to the task of explaining.
  • So, you give people lots and lots of different tasks.
  • What we can show is that when you do this kind of task with people that play a lot of action games, they actually resolve the conflict faster.
  • Especially in regions with a lot of industry it is an important task for public health to combat air pollution, and a task I can support.
  • You know, there are a lot of good cops around here who started out doing menial tasks.
  • And the second result, which was surprising to a lot of people, was that ants actually switch tasks.
  • This is not the only guy that just flips out when we assign a ridiculous task, but a lot of these ideas, they're hard to understand.
  • Mr President, a huge task has been carried out by a lot of people over many years.
  • We believe that there is still a lot of scope for making the regulations more suitable to their task.
  • In my opinion this is definitely not a minor task and it will cost a lot of money.
  • I wrote a lot of checks to a lot of companies.
  • These are not tasks that we would want to entrust to economists, who might know the price of a lot of things, but not necessarily their value.
  • Yes, the task force is risky, but it gives us a chance to do a lot of good in the community.
  • I think that is precisely the task that faces us because there is a lot of easy talk and yet we need to mobilize that political will.
  • A lot of people who are in a lot of different jobs a lot of different professions.

many tasks

2,160,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We must be prepared to talk and listen, because there are many tasks to accomplish.
  • As we have seen, software has contributed towards the development of economies and has made it possible to make many tasks automatic and simplified at relatively low cost.
  • The presidency has many tasks on the international front; carrying forward the global war on terrorism is the most difficult and the most important.
  • You have reminded us again today that despite the successes of the European Central Bank, a great many tasks have been agreed as regards the economic policies of the Member States, and as regards our own work, which have not yet been completed.
  • Among my many tasks is the maintenance of deep-space monitors aimed at galaxies beyond our own.
  • The Commission should adopt a more modest attitude in this regard and should not take on so many tasks.
  • As for the future, many tasks await us; there is the conflict between Israel and Palestine, there is the mullahs' regime in Iran to be brought to heel, but there is also hunger and disease to be combated.
  • In the case of DG Research, more than two thirds of these staff resources were, however, allocated to the operational programme departments rather than to the evaluation unit, and evaluation was only one of many tasks assigned to them.
  • Many tasks have been assigned to Member States and, on those, Member States will reply directly.
  • One short-term remedy would be to strengthen the EPC Secretariat so that it can adequately support the EPC in its many tasks.
  • It is now charged with many tasks, but we must monitor the way in which the banks themselves implement these facilities and tools, which are now being proposed once again since SMEs are obliged to use the banking system in order to access them.
  • When we then look at the many tasks set out by the Austrian Presidency and the positive decisions it has taken, we Germans might well be scared by the expectations placed in the German Presidency.
  • Among our many tasks in recent years, we have needed to understand how the newly created monetary union would function, once created, and what the complex dynamics of a major economic area moving towards full economic and monetary unification would be.
  • We have many tasks ahead of us.
  • There are many tasks for the next Commission in this regard.
  • Ahead of us lie many tasks.
  • In addition, there are many tasks, including the decommissioning of AGRs, for which there is to date no direct experience.
  • The UN should undergo a thorough overhaul in order to reflect the new relationships and to carry out the many tasks in an adequate manner.
  • Of the many tasks which fall to this presidency I can of course touch on no more than a couple.
  • on the left, how many tasks have been solved


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