Which English form is more popular:
"Time flies so fast" or "Time fly so fast" ?

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    Time flies so fast.

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    "Time flies so fast" is frequently used. In this case "Time" is plural so "flies" is used.

Time flies so fast

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  • How beautiful is the age of youth that flies so fast.
  • The Vindicators fly so fast, the Russian won't be able to use all their defenses.
  • Defenestrate your clock to see how time flies.
  • Nice work finding Quinn so fast.
  • They modernize so fast that you lose yourself.
  • My life is changing so fast.
  • Everything happened so fast, Leon.
  • Things between us happened so fast.

Time fly so fast

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  • Examples from the web:
  • Apr 6, 2015 ... nowhere does time 'fly' so fast compared with daily experience as when sitting and drinking and conversing with dear friends in an inn.
  • The way time fly so fast mi no wear no watch. Mi youth waan go school mi no have no cash. Mi insane like the mad man weh search the trash. Hey, mi black ...
  • Apr 9, 2015 ... 7 years ago @buzzworkers opened his first tumblr since then our music is hosted at http://t.co/JNp00WGv7A – enjoy ! time fly so fast ! Reply.
  • Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming that it made time fly so fast, and your left with the feeling of wanting more, but then the departure ticket brings  ...

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