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facts finding vs facts holding

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

facts finding is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

facts finding

219,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Finally, the applicant requested the Commission to continue the investigation for further facts finding. However, the applicant has not provided any new facts beyond those in the request for the review set out in recital 12 above.
  • Petitions to the European Parliament and two fact-finding missions attest to this fact.
  • When I visited the bottom of the pit on a fact-finding mission.
  • Send your knee on a fact-finding mission.
  • I led a fact-finding team into the country.
  • The Assembly organised two fact-finding missions in 2010, to Madagascar and Haiti.
  • Reports of such visits shall be produced by the participants in the fact-finding mission and submitted to the committee.
  • The JPA undertook two fact-finding and study missions in 2008.
  • This phase of our investigation is a fact-finding mission.
  • The business community is already complaining of fact-finding overload.
  • Finally, fact-finding missions to various Member States should also be encouraged, according to the approved text.
  • The Commission may on its own initiative adopt preparatory measures relating to peace-support operations, including fact-finding missions.
  • Mostly fact-finding data on how other firms go about their day.
  • A fact-finding and study mission to Mauritania took place in February.
  • Gabby would - GG: Fact-finding mission.
  • It's a Parliamentary fact-finding committee.
  • This is just a fact-finding mission.
  • Parliament will debate the follow-up to the UN fact-finding mission on the Gaza conflict led by former South African judge Richard Goldstone.
  • - contributing to CFSP fact finding missions organised by the Secretariat of the Council.
  • It can organise fact-finding visits and report to plenary.

facts holding

11,800 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Mr President, Mr President-in-Office of the Council, Commissioner, we are in actual fact holding a debate amongst the converted, which is a pity.
  • Furthermore, promotion of human rights in the ACP countries has often been reduced to the mere fact of holding elections.
  • This was due to the fact that holdings do not carry out an economic activity according to Article 21 c) TRLIS, which requires that profits stem from business activities carried out abroad.
  • Strangely enough, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the WEU, Sir Dudley Smith, is in Rome today and will in fact be holding discussions.
  • The fact of holding a patent for an active agent gives major concerns a monopoly over all the products which contain it and enables them to control their prices to a large extent.
  • The fact he's holding my friend hostage, for starters.
  • It is seldom that anything is permanently gained by holding back fact.
  • If I may, I would point out that Parliament should perhaps consider the fact that its political reservations regarding budget lines are, in fact, holding citizens' information services hostage and not the Commission as such.
  • Witness the fact that Americans are holding on to their cars longer than ever before, 9.4 years on average, in March.
  • In fact, I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night.
  • The fact that we are holding yet another debate on Belarus testifies to the weakness demonstrated by Parliament and the European Union in this regard.
  • Unfortunately, the fact that we are holding yet another debate on this issue would suggest not.
  • Mr President, the fact that we are holding a special plenary debate today on the question of the public service shows that things have moved on.
  • Mr President, the fact that we are holding this debate at this hour and with so few of us present does indeed seem to indicate what value we attach to policy on Africa.
  • Much has been written, and many hands wrung, about the dollar's decline over the last four decades, but the fact remains that holdings of US dollar assets by foreigners today are vastly greater than they were in 1971.
  • With respect to the application of facts available, the GOC referred to Article 12.7 ASCM and quoted WTO jurisprudence holding that facts on the record can only be used to replace missing information, and that non-cooperation does not justify determinations devoid of factual foundations.
  • Mr President, I would like to welcome the fact that we are holding this debate on an important measure which will unquestionably help us to make progress on the creation of the eagerly-awaited area of freedom, security and justice.
  • The fact that you're holding me up right now, that is a joke.
  • Mr President, on a final note, I should like to support you and the rapporteur in the fact that we are holding this debate far too late in the evening, and that attendance is disappointingly low.


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