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additionally to vs additionally with

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

additionally to is the most popular phrase on the web.

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additionally to

2,650,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The Council has also added the requirement for distributors selling pesticides to non-professional users additionally to provide information on low-risk products.
  • Section "4.6.2 Linguistic Competency" applies additionally to train drivers as stipulated by Annex VI point 8 of Directive 2007/59/EC.
  • The Committee may decide on a case-by-case basis additionally to involve in the appeals procedure one or more national units.
  • Member States are free additionally to apply the IPPC permitting process and standards to other installations if they so wish.
  • Act No 18.331 applies additionally to these acts in relation to those issues that are not governed by these specific legal instruments, pursuant to Article 332 of the Constitution.
  • The commercial or technical name of the goods may be entered additionally to the proper shipping name in the consignment note.
  • Because of the strongly different environment brightness of bright day and dark night, another control for the basic brightness of the display shall be available additionally to the colour tables in the menu.
  • Furthermore, authorized workshops could also be required additionally to check that the recording equipment: (a) works properly; (b) records and stores data correctly and; (c) that the calibration parameters are correct.
  • It is also noted that additionally to those product related reasons, there are company specific reasons to reject the undertaking offers.
  • In particular, Uruguayan data protection authorities have explained that, pursuant to Article 332 of the Constitution, Act No 18.331 applies additionally to special acts that create and regulate specific databases in relation to those issues that are not governed by these specific legal instruments.
  • Additionally to a loss of population, observable lower fertility rates endanger medium to long-term development of these regions.
  • Additionally to this supplementary information sheet(s) the Member State must provide:
  • Additionally to FTT the current debate on the taxation of financial sector includes two other instruments: bank levies and Financial Activities Taxes (FATs).
  • Additionally to the compulsory transmission for 2014 reference year, this variable may be compiled for 2013 reference year on a voluntary basis.
  • Where accepted a locally established recommendation for a CD4 cell count threshold may be used additionally to support the decision whether the vaccination is indicated.
  • Additionally to the unsustainably high level of sovereign debt and budget deficits, growing social inequalities in all European societies call for far-reaching initiatives.
  • Novartis Consumer Health SA presented to the EMEA a referral under Article 30 of Directive 2001/ 83/ EC, in order to harmonise the national SPCs of the medicinal product Calcium Sandoz Effervescent tablets, 500/ 1000 mg and associated names and additionally to harmonise the pharmaceutical documentation.
  • and if the light transmittance measured according to annex 3, paragraph 9.1 does not fall to less than 95 % of the pre-test value and additionally to no less than 70 % for any window required for driver visibility.
  • I am not, therefore able to say at present how much of the Budget is to be allocated additionally to the scrapping policy; my only guide is what we have actually been told is needed.

additionally with

992,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The cab shall be equipped with at least one driver's seat (see clause and additionally with a forward facing seat not considered as a driving position for possible accompanying crew.
  • Wines belonging to the category of 'appellation d'origine contrôlée' or 'appellation d'origine de qualité supérieure' wines and comply additionally with the following requirements:
  • Inland ECDIS as No 3, additionally with water depths
  • A decision to contribute additionally with a voluntary financial contribution of the Community to the promotion fund remains to be taken.
  • the packaging of the substance will be labelled according to Annex VI to Directive 67/548/EEC and additionally with the following sentence: "Caution - substance not yet fully tested";
  • We wanted to reply to these new challenges by giving the group the task of dealing additionally with scientific developments in general, including research and the information society.
  • The graph of the derivative of the function will be drawn additionally with the same color but less line width.
  • The graph of the second derivative of the function will be drawn additionally with the same color but less line width.
  • Additionally, with suspension (cloudy) insulins, crystals may clog the needle.
  • standard S1 and additionally equipped with hydraulic or electrically operated coupling winches.
  • Additionally, with regard to stem cell research, the guidelines drawn up by the ESF ethical committee must be observed.
  • The vehicle is additionally equipped with an acoustic/visual (2) warning device of the following type: ...
  • Additionally saw nothing with my old glasses,
  • The latter is not self-sufficient, and is additionally faced with the domination of the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian economies, which are developing extraordinarily rapidly.
  • Subject: Bicycles additionally equipped with a small auxiliary internal-combustion engine
  • If we ask the Commission to demand these reports then it will do so from small and medium-sized enterprises, and they will thus be additionally burdened with bureaucracy.
  • These countries additionally decided to continue with their currency board arrangements as a unilateral commitment.
  • Additionally, vehicles equipped with electric power train shall meet the requirements of paragraph 5.2.8.
  • As No 1, but additionally dynamic pages with content management system
  • Siargej Kavalenka has additionally been charged with using insulting language and gestures, and the arresting officers are demanding BYR 10 million in compensation.


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