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extensive knowledge vs great knowledge

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

extensive knowledge is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

extensive knowledge

9,690,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • He also has extensive knowledge Of the landscape and surroundings.
  • She has an extensive knowledge of global arms trafficking networks and all the players involved.
  • Designing a ramp like that requires extensive knowledge of physics, geometry...
  • The Iversen report, of course, reveals extensive knowledge, especially of those agricultural areas with the luxury of being able to carry out more intensive forms of agriculture.
  • Kind of ironic since under special skills I put "extensive knowledge of plate tectonics." But, whatever.
  • Candidates who must have a sound and extensive knowledge and experience in coordination of a wide range of public policy issues, preferably both at Community and Member State levels.
  • I put my extensive knowledge of privilege fully at your disposal.
  • Right. Must have been my extensive knowledge of Disneyland Tokyo.
  • Like your wife, and apparently everyone else in this family, you have extensive knowledge of aircraftery.
  • have a sound and extensive knowledge of climate change policy issues,
  • In your expert opinion, Doctor, based on your extensive knowledge of my client, do you think that he poses a threat to himself or anyone else?
  • To find out, the producers gave us each £5,000 and told us to use our extensive knowledge of lorries and lorrying to try and buy the best trucks we could find.
  • Many thanks, Commissioner, for your answer, which is extremely significant, and for the extensive knowledge of the Polish energy sector you demonstrated in your responses to the questions by Mr Paleckis and Mr Posselt.
  • surveyors have an extensive knowledge of the particular type of ship on which they carry out their work as relevant to the particular survey to be carried out and of the relevant applicable requirements;
  • extensive knowledge of regulatory policy and practice relevant to the area of social dialogue, labour law, working conditions and adaptation to change,
  • Extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and business value creation,
  • Extensive knowledge about early prairie life?
  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory policy and practice relevant to the energy sector and experience of leadership in this area.
  • They must be provided with more extensive knowledge and learn to avoid dangerous online behaviour.
  • In return for my extensive knowledge of the arms market, I want protection.

great knowledge

2,850,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I had a great knowledge of love, which persisted throughout my prayers.
  • You're a man of great knowledge and wisdom.
  • More had a great knowledge of the stars and how they influence our humors.
  • To those who know how to use it, the crystal holds great knowledge.
  • It requires no great knowledge to create a screensaver.
  • He seems to have great knowledge of Katsumoto and his rebellion.
  • This, of course, has something to do with his great knowledge and experience in the area in question.
  • So I have a great knowledge of his instrument... which helped me... in Scarface and the other films I've made with him.
  • Is great knowledge, power, understanding, not enough for you to revere the Ori?
  • Such a candidate will, in particular, need to have demonstrated strong capabilities, a commitment to multilateral coordination, and a great knowledge of international economic, financial and monetary affairs.
  • I don't have a great knowledge of criminal law but I'm pretty certain that you haven't got enough firm evidence... to order a retrial.
  • They show a great commitment, often great knowledge and often make a large voluntary contribution.
  • Both Europe and the companies have great knowledge and experience in the use of chemical substances, knowledge that would certainly be of great value to competitors outside Europe.
  • All three rapporteurs have displayed not only great knowledge of the subject matter but also in particular a very high degree of sensitivity, and I believe that this sensitive topic demands both!
  • Our teacher has great knowledge
  • Yours, of course, was one of the first names to spring to mind, due to its antiquity and prestige, to your great knowledge, and to the dignity you showed during the recent events.
  • You have great knowledge, your decision-making is spot-on, you've the stitching skills of a child sweatshop worker, so why are you not more confident?
  • Swedish MP Ulla Andersson calls him an "eco-feminist who has a great knowledge of economic policy and infrastructure management... He also likes techno and maps," she revealed.


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