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We will greatly appreciate if you can respond at your earliest convenience.

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We will greatly appreciate it if you can respond at your earliest convenience.

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What is TextRanch?

TextRanch is an English editing service powered by human English experts.

We connect you with native English speakers who will review your writing to find and correct any spelling and grammar errors you make.

TextRanch is NOT like the automated spell-checker tools you’re used to seeing online. This is not like any AI proofreading tool or online grammar checker you’ve ever used. We have an entire team of real people who will provide personalized corrections for your texts.

Our highly qualified editors are all native English speakers, and they are ready to correct your texts so that you can write the perfect English email, essay, or report.

If you're looking for a cost-effective online editing service that offers quality corrections at a competitive price, TextRanch is the perfect solution. Our fair pricing is based on the length of text submitted, and our editors will improve your spelling, grammar, and overall writing style.


Need help with spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or style issues? TextRanch can help improve your writing skills!

We know that the complex and irregular grammar rules in the English language are not always easy to remember. We also know that it can be challenging to write professionally and correctly.

To make it easy for you to always make a great impression, we offer a wide range of editing services. You can submit a single sentence or a short piece of text, like a social media post or a professional email, and get it corrected in just a few minutes.

If you have a longer document, such as a cover letter, resume, work presentation or school essay, you can upload your complete file. Our team of native English speaking editors will provide the corrected version after fixing all errors. Whether it’s ensuring your work follows the right grammar rules, correcting spelling errors, or improving your sentence structure to sound more natural, the end result is always a perfect, error-free piece of English writing.

Every sentence is accurately corrected by our editors. They verify that the context is clear, each verb is in its right form, basic grammar rules are followed properly, and that no writing errors remain in your text. It's all too easy to make a spelling or grammar mistake when writing a letter or an email, and it's also easy to overlook those mistakes when you try to check your own work. That’s why it's always important to have a second pair of eyes to check your English writing.


Why is it important to have your sentences corrected by native English speakers?

Automatic grammar checkers are great for helping you improve your writing productivity when you're working on a first draft. Even professional writers use those tools! But the secret that professional writers know is that a human editor is necessary to ensure the final draft is perfect. Only a real person can spot errors in more complicated sentences, and a native English speaker is a must-have to find context-related errors.

With TextRanch, you can get the same level of help that professional writers receive. Trust our native English speaking editors to correct just about anything you can write. Submit your important documents, blog posts, essays, business emails, ebooks, or even a love letter. TextRanch editors will correct all errors and provide you with a polished piece of writing. They'll even show you all the corrections so you can learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills.

Who uses TextRanch to correct their English writing?

English text corrections for Students, Sales Managers, Professional Writers, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

"My name is Claudia and I'm doing a Ph.D. in mathematics (I can already imagine that anyone reading this will wonder what there is to research in mathematics! 🙂 Well, I deal with topology, if you're curious!). My research is a collaboration with colleagues in Pisa, Budapest, and Boston. Together, we have published several academic papers (that are sometimes very boring, honestly) that are all strictly in English. In the beginning, we spent hours of our precious time reviewing our writing to make sure the tone and grammar were correct. When another colleague told us that they use TextRanch before publication to ensure their papers are free of errors and grammar mistakes, we decided to give it a try. What a life saver! Now we also use TextRanch, and it saves us hours and hours of work. Trust me, when you spend your days with your head stuck in books about equations, theorems, and models, every hour saved is an hour that tastes like freedom!"

CLAUDIA - PhD student in Mathematics

Students use TextRanch to correct: Essays, Academic research papers, Cover letters, Academic articles, School applications.

"At the company I work for, we frequently deal with foreign customers. In those cases, the communication is exclusively in English, as that is the most commonly used language in the business world. Unfortunately, there were a few times that we had communication problems because our English is not always perfect and precise. I used to use an automatic grammar corrector, but I was not happy with it. Some customers asked us to review our terms of sale because they were not clear, and that's when we discovered TextRanch. After sending the document, one of TextRanch's editors corrected it and just a few hours later our client approved the contract. Since then, for every important email and before we send documents, we rely on TextRanch to check for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors in our English texts. I am sincerely satisfied with the professionalism and precision of the TextRanch team."

AHMED - Sales Manager

Also used by sales managers to correct: Sales proposals, Contracts, Purchase documents, RFI/RFQ (Request for information/request for quotation) files, NDAs (Non disclosure agreements).

"I am a self-published romance novelist, and I have just published my eighth book. Just a few weeks ago I was approached by a small publishing house in Manchester (I have no idea how they knew me!) to publish my first book in English. I was so excited to get that offer! Luckily, a few years ago, I had my first two books translated for potential publishers to read, but then the project remained locked in a drawer. Well, I pulled that draft out of the drawer to give it a reread, and I quickly realized a native English speaker would probably have written it quite differently, and with a different tone of voice too. I talked to a writer friend about this, and he told me that he uses TextRanch for this kind of work. The rest of the story is much more obvious than my books: I uploaded the whole book to TextRanch, waited for corrections and comments from the editor (a real woman from England), and sent the book to the publisher. Thank you, TextRanch! You changed my life!"

KIM - Writer

TextRanch can also be used to correct: Fiction books, Non-fiction books and essays, Ebooks, Blog articles.

"Twelve years ago, after obtaining my Green Card, I moved to San Diego, USA. I speak fluent English on a daily basis, and I now consider English to be my second language. However, when I have to present a report to the investors of my start-up, I always have a little anxiety that my English writing is not as polished as my spoken. I'm often afraid that I’m not using the right legal terms or that I've used expressions that are too colloquial. Sometimes I inadvertently use British English spellings or phrases that look strange to my American investors.
I used to have a close friend help me by reading and correcting everything. Sometimes there were common grammar mistakes in my texts, and sometimes the writing style was not appropriate. Even when I did get it right, I felt bad for making my friend spend all that time helping me with it. When my brother-in-law told me about TextRach, I decided to give it a try before handing the next file to my friend to correct. An editor based in the US corrected my file, and my friend was amazed at how accurate and ready-to-publish the file was! Since then, I’ve been relying on TextRanch to correct my writing errors and improve the quality of my documents. Now I’m the one recommending TextRanch to all of my ESL friends. "

LUIGI - Entrepreneur

TextRanch can also be used to correct: Partnership proposals and agreements, Collaboration contracts, Purchase and sales documents, RFI/RFQ (Request for information and request for quotation), NDA (Non disclosure agreements), Websites and blog posts.

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