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different to vs different of

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

different to is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

different to

8,970,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The poor prisoner is so different to yesterday.
  • It's different to what he had.
  • A tricky season but not overly different to 2012/13.
  • I'm different to all of you.
  • That'd make us no different to her.
  • Josh might have something different to say about that.
  • Not so different to where we're from.
  • He looks kind of different to how I imagined.
  • It's not that different to what you wear every day.
  • It was so different to what we were doing with the Cure.
  • This is so completely different to other TV programming.
  • The weather is a little bit different to what actually happened.
  • Trisquel's main method of software installation is different to that of Windows.
  • Elena couldn't be more different to Lord Godwyn.
  • You're no different to me.
  • How different to this dull, aching existence.
  • Seems like something's different to me though.
  • Her situation is completely different to you.
  • Human remains have a different to mention...
  • But my fear is different to yours.

different of

4,050,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • It was obviously a way to look different of other cults.
  • It was obviously a way to look different of other cults. In 1096 the Archbishop of Rouen announced that men who wore beards would be excommunicated from the Church. A similar ecclesiastic decree was promulgated in Venice in 1102.
  • Adiphene is a new weight loss supplement, which is completely different of what we used to call a "diet pill".
  • About the size:Due to the size standard is different of every region, so please measure your foot length as the photo below.
  • This, for a travel of 30 days, is translate evidently in quantitative a lot different of emissions for transported container.
  • Learn to manoeuvre your car through this fun and challenging situations.We got four different of cars for you to park in this new free to play parking game!
  • I have tried many different of these flavors, but as a coffee lover for me this is by far the best taste as it is the strongest!
  • He had me try on different of dresses...
  • These apparitions are different of those in Lourdes, Fatima or elsewhere.
  • The seat in polypropylene, available in different of colours, rests on a metal structure, making it easy and practical to stack.
  • The task is a little different of course, because my predecessor was a qualified teacher, and I'm nowhere near that.
  • Such competence is oriented to stimulate autonomy of judgment and to promote ability in communication by means of schemes different of those actually used.
  • In the first case the enterprises have a decisive advantage if they select national atmospheres in function of the characteristic different of cost and productivity.
  • But the general rule in Africa is that industries and governments tend to subsidise power - which is very different of course to the developed world.
  • In digital transmission, although the concept is still valid, the modulation is completely different of analogue radio and television ones.
  • Pearl strands in the most different of shapes and overtones
  • It is different of the other pro-hormonals in the market because it attaches importance to the negative effects of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (aromatase).
  • Then preparing a solution in improper way could produce a non effective product, not stable in the time, different of the believed.
  • The first commercialized model, PET-2001-4K, was a little bit different of the prototype showed, for example the design was minor rounded.
  • To be different of the person who performed the audit.


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