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kind of vs kind for

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

kind of is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

kind of

1,420,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • No, I'm kind of tired.
  • Although being rational is kind of overrated.
  • Then things got kind of amazing.
  • Your life here kind of sucks.
  • I'm feeling kind of weird.
  • Somehow we had some kind of telepathic communication.
  • There was no kind of rater-training process.
  • Like a kind of gravity or magnetism.
  • I sometimes ask those kind of questions.
  • Some kind of international war-for-profit scheme.
  • She was kind of a happy accident.
  • Description defines better which kind of information is required.
  • Some kind of preliminary thing this week.
  • Because blood sharing is kind of... personal.
  • They kind of get a separation anxiety.
  • A real, kind of, salt-of-the-earth...
  • Glad you found some kind of peace.
  • Maybe we can come to some kind of agreement.
  • All your colleagues are showing some kind of leadership potential.
  • Today's situation is kind of...

kind for

6,960,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • contributions and benefits in kind for posted workers:
  • Contributions in kind for organisations with an annual budget of at least Euro 300,000.-
  • Cofinancing of this kind for the committees and the supervisory authorities can to a large degree help to ensure that they fulfil their mandates independently and efficiently.
  • A statute of this kind for border regions could make the lives of many Europeans who live on both sides of the borders every day quite a bit easier and more pleasant.
  • No one has ever done anything this kind for me in my entire life.
  • For your penance, I want you to do something kind for Tony.
  • [Groaning] - You're too kind for your own good.
  • - You're too kind for your own good.
  • - Would you be kind for five minutes?
  • Products consumed by the holder's household and/or used for payments in kind for goods and services (including remuneration in kind).
  • So we don't have a preliminary autopsy report of any kind for Greg Barbera? - No, not yet.
  • Article 93 (6) of the implementing Regulation (method of assessing the amount to be refunded in respect of benefits in kind for sickness and maternity).
  • The exchange of letters of 28 July and 10 October 1978 regarding Articles 36 (3) and 63 (3) of the Regulation (partial reciprocal waiving of reimbursement of costs of benefits in kind for sickness, maternity, accidents at work and occupational diseases).
  • And they raise enough money to build this hospital - the first hospital of its kind for 200,000 people.
  • He's not bought anything of the kind for me.
  • They hunted our kind for BPO.
  • Eridge wasn't the kind for flowers.
  • It hasn't seen another of its kind for millennia.
  • Even so, Mars has captivated human kind for centuries.
  • Mars: it has intrigued human kind for thousands of years.


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