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some vs concern

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

some is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!


13,510,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • 6 days ago ... The some() method is an iterative method. It calls a provided callbackFn function once for each element in an array, until the callbackFn ...
  • The meaning of SOME is being an unknown, undetermined, or unspecified unit or thing. How to use some in a sentence. Using Some as an Adverb: Usage Guide.
  • EtymologyEdit. From Middle English som, sum, from Old English sum (“some, a certain one ...
  • 6 days ago ... It is frank recognition among some lesser-known colleges that their ... a school off their list at some point because of its high cost.
  • The some() method checks if any array elements pass a test (provided as a callback function). The some() method executes the callback function once for each ...
  • In some chats in Microsoft Teams (free), you might not have every feature you're used to. When chats are created between users with a work or school account ...


474,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Your concern is duly noted, Miles.
  • My greatest concern is, infiltrating their outer security.
  • But my primary concern is public safety.
  • Anything involving my wife is my concern.
  • Forensics is no longer a concern.
  • After Cossinius and Furius fall from concern.
  • Your concern for my master is well received.
  • Stories in conflict give me concern.
  • Brushing is not my main concern.
  • There's concern about the recent setbacks.
  • Your safety is my concern, Mr Lipwig.
  • My men are not my concern.
  • Drink and women are not my concern.
  • My only concern is your shipment.
  • After Cossinius and Furius fall from concern.
  • Sharing concern about a mutual friend.
  • Other newspapers are not my concern.
  • Consider your concern registered, Karen.
  • The biggest concern for them was endurance.
  • Her sole concern is to prevent the marriage.


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