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I attached herewith vs I attach herewith

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

I attached herewith is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

I attached herewith

25,500 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I attached it to your word recognition software.
  • I attached your photo to my old ad.
  • I attached a photograph for your approval...
  • I attached great importance to this.
  • That ex-fix I attached is the only thing securing his leg in place to the rest of his body.
  • I attached the sound file for you to check out.
  • The night I was banished, I attached this tie to that tree so I'd be able to find my way home.
  • With the wire, I made three loops that I attached to each hook.
  • I attached an alert to Jimmy Su's cell phone so we'd know if someone was trying to trace his location.
  • I attached myself to my nephew more easily than I thought.
  • In common with others, I attached greater importance to this than to having the budget increased, partly because the previous funds have not been used.
  • - Something I attached to your belts as I made my entrance.
  • I attached the... the home address on the back.
  • That's why I attached my head shot.
  • That is why I attached particular importance to the amendment which calls for the internal market to be further developed into a genuine European home market.
  • You will recall that in my report I attached great importance to the need to reform the standing pensions policy to introduce a permanent early retirement scheme.
  • It is a luxury for an MEP to learn from direct signals what the electors expect, and it was thanks to the electors that I attached sufficient importance to this vote.
  • I attached the bolt and sand to the explanation memo and handed to Rayechka at Deans office, so that she would send it to UNESCO. Where?
  • (e) Annex II shall be replaced by the text of Annex I attached hereto;
  • Within two months of the date of notification of this Decision, Italy shall inform the Commission of the measures taken to comply herewith by completing the questionnaire attached to this Decision.

I attach herewith

8,900 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I attach a great deal of importance to transparency in monetary policy-making.
  • The report also emphasises important environmental and employment aspects, to which I attach great value.
  • The House will know I attach the highest importance to the principle and to promotion of intermodality.
  • You know the value I attach to European action in this domain.
  • You will be aware that I attach great importance to the development of tourism.
  • This is something I attach great importance to.
  • I attach special importance to this expedition.
  • I attach enormous importance to the transatlantic relationship and have consistently argued for revitalising and strengthening NATO.
  • Mr President, I supported this resolution because I attach great importance to the upcoming EU-US Summit.
  • There are a number of things laid down in the inter-institutional agreement to which I attach particular importance.
  • In this context, there are four things to which I attach particular importance.
  • I attach the utmost importance to public procurement.
  • Hence the importance I attach to relations between China and the European Union.
  • I reaffirm that I attach great importance to freedom of expression and media pluralism.
  • I attach considerable significance to the simplification and ordering of Community law.
  • I wish to highlight two points, however, to which I attach particular importance.
  • I will conclude by saying that I attach particular importance to the principle of openness.
  • Finally, I attach great importance to cooperation with national ombudsmen and similar bodies.
  • I attach particular importance to fruitful cooperation and close solidarity with our eastern neighbours.
  • The second point to which I attach great importance is that of violence against children and increasing neglect.


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