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taken in november, 2015 vs taken november

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taken in november, 2015 is the most popular phrase on the web.

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taken in november, 2015

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Some examples from the web:

  • However, as Vice
  • President Almunia announced to the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs in November, the Commission will analyse the effects on competition of the temporary State aid measures taken in the context of the crisis.
  • Our music service, Gryzzldump, launched in November, and now we have 170 million users.
  • One morning in November, Markus came into my life.
  • And in November, when she rides on Thursdays.
  • In November, His Grace wished to borrow some money.
  • Thls recordlng was made In Parls In November, 1964.
  • In November, we were in favour of everincreasing competition.

taken november

361,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The decision is to be taken in November.
  • A new decision on the Commission's security provisions was taken in November 2001.
  • The new decision is to be taken by 6 November this year.
  • Further access to the file was taken on 3 November 2003.
  • The following Table taken from the November 2010 Decision summarises the findings per sub
  • portfolio.
  • Important decisions on climate change will have to be taken in November at the 6th session of the UN World Conference on Climate Change in The Hague.
  • The Commission shall ensure that a decision is taken by 15 November at the latest.

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