Which English form is more popular:
"go to the university" or "go at the university" ?

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    You would use the word to in this case because that's where you are going, the word at would be used if you are already there.

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    To is a preposition of movement. One travels to a restaurant, but arrives at a restaurant.

go to the university

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  • With this grade, you won't be able to go to the university you want.
  • When I was in high school, I wanted to go to the university.
  • I want to stay right here at home and go to the university.
  • Just take the test first, then decide later whether you'll go to the university or not.
  • I've told people numerous times, on the day that I left the village to go to the university, with all villagers coming to see me off, there was a slight detail missing.
  • I cannot go to the university if first, I don't join the military, so... (Whispering):
  • l cannot go to the university and make something o' myself... and l cannot have Jean.
  • Not only can I not graduate with my class, but if I finish school there, I can't get in

go at the university

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