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difference of quality vs difference about quality

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

difference of quality is the most popular phrase on the web.

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difference of quality

497,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Therefore, the representativeness of the evidence based on which it was concluded that indeed there was a real and/or perceived difference of quality between the imported product and Ace-K produced by the Union producer is deemed to be sufficient.
  • In this regard it is noted that, as explained in recital 53 of the provisional Regulation, an adjustment was made for differences of quality, in particular contamination, the level of which the Chinese exporting producer did not contest.
  • As regards the comments of the parties concerning the differences of quality and standards of the Canadian products, it was claimed in essence that the average weight and fork width of the Canadian trucks is greater than that of the Chinese trucks.
  • There were some differences in terms of quality but these were generally not perceived by consumers.
  • My fellow Member from Romania, Oana Antonescu, claims that consumers are aware of the differences in quality of food products.
  • pricing differentials shall reflect the quality differences of all three product categories;
  • As indicated in recital 36, one exporting producer claimed that quality differences of the production output should be taken into account.
  • The accounting value of such products shall be the intervention price, adjusted by coefficients where necessary to take account of quality differences.
  • Consideration must be given to the differences in quality of European instruments for coordination of national policies.
  • Normal value was adjusted for differences in quality of inputs such as chemicals, coating and raw materials (glass type of yarns).
  • The initial tariff equivalents may be adjusted, where necessary, to take account of differences in quality or variety using an appropriate coefficient.
  • Some exporting producers claimed that the Commission did not take into account differences in quality of types of PSF in determining price undercutting leading to incorrect results.
  • Despite all variations which may also imply substantial differences in quality of academic results, common characteristics across Europe should be scrutinised.
  • The argument of difference in quality was also brought forward by several users located in the Union.
  • In this respect, it should be underlined that there were various submissions which indicated quality differences and/or market perceptions of quality differences between the Chinese product and the like product in the Union.
  • The considerable differences in the quality of the services provided between the Member States represent a serious problem.
  • However, citizens encounter huge differences in the quality of healthcare, both between the Member States and within them.
  • Therefore, it was concluded that there are no significant differences in the quality of the Canadian and the Chinese products.
  • (51) As indicated in recital 36, one exporting producer claimed that quality differences of the production output should be taken into account. In these circumstances, it was considered appropriate to grant a special adjustment on the normal value for sub-standard quality.
  • Within a given market and in a single period, the coexistence of several unit values can, except in the cases described in paragraph 10.19, be considered as evidence of the existence of quality differences.

difference about quality

4,520 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • It makes no difference about Senator Neal.
  • Journalism is about quality, not speed.
  • The District has raised concerns about quality control.
  • It's about quality... and tradition.
  • People don't care about quality.
  • Even the government doesn't care that much about quality.
  • This is about quality of life.
  • It's about quality, not quantity.
  • All it requires is that we know about quality and content.
  • But I would also like to underline what you said about quality.
  • This is also very important if we want to speak about quality jobs.
  • In any event, railway undertakings and Member States can now no longer avoid talking about quality improvements and better customer service.
  • I know we've had our differences about work, but anything you need, we're here.
  • Well, I've got creative differences about your bedtime choices.
  • It didn't make any difference about you guys but I have to come.
  • Whatever our differences about the details, then, I hope that they will receive the general support of the House.
  • It's about quality and it's about the foreman being there...
  • DePalma, it's about quality and tradition.
  • I was in his room last week and I came across this coursework essay - about quality-of-life debates.
  • Evidently, the people at Nickelodeon don't care about quality entertainment.


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