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visitors on site vs present visitors

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

visitors on site is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

visitors on site

331,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We post this on the Web, link it to all Cape Cod visitor sites.
  • For these visitors, the site is intended to be a permanent source of relevant and reliable information.
  • TripAdvisor is accused of sending many of its 40 million monthly visitors to the reservation sites Expedia and Hotels.com.
  • It is very easy for visitors to the site to access information on their country's MEPs or indeed any of the 732 Members of Parliament.
  • Taking account of the various types of visitor to the site
  • As you will understand, these two types of visitor to the site do not have the same expectations.
  • And began shouting at visitors to the historic site.
  • Excavations at the cave have revealed that it was a major pilgrimage site for visitors from across the ancient world.
  • It is clear that a well-organised camp site where visitors can be properly catered for during their visit is required.
  • It's an HTML injection on your site that's causing site visitors to access malicious ads.
  • According to the latest data, the number of visitors to archaeological sites and, in particular, museums, last year fell significantly.
  • The editorial response is firstly to take account of the different types of visitor to the site.
  • I mean, there are hundreds maybe thousands of visitors to this site
  • But since nearly every visitor to these sites is busy trolling for illegal-music and -movie downloads, chances are good no one will think twice about whatever boring intelligence you've left there.
  • Visitors to the site learn that the arrangement allows Spanish citizens to write to the Council in Catalan, and in languages other than Catalan which also have official status.
  • The traffic at Tarbes airport is dominated by charter flights mainly bringing visitors to the religious site at Lourdes, with a significant proportion being international flights.
  • Notwithstanding the very considerable number of visitors to the site each day, during the 10-month period that the site has been operational EPSO has received few, if any, complaints regarding the language coverage.
  • Directive 2009/136/EC amending and updating Directive 2002/58/EC requires websites utilising HTTP cookies to obtain informed consent for the cookie from visitors to the site.
  • N. whereas it is legitimate for governments, after consulting representative tourist sector organisations, to lay down strict rules for visitors to very popular sites,
  • Has the Commission asked Member States to provide disabled access and suitable facilities to accommodate all visitors to world heritage sites?

present visitors

78,600 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • It must also seem rather complicated for the visitors present.
  • Master Owen, might I present two most important visitors.
  • The Prince is unable to receive visitors at present.
  • Just before this debate, I spoke with Mr Tarasyuk, the former foreign minister, who is present in the visitors' gallery.
  • The President introduced the debate and welcomed the fact that the Ukrainian Ambassador was present in the distinguished visitors' gallery.
  • I should like to welcome to Parliament Mr Hrusovsky, President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, who is now present in the distinguished visitors' gallery.
  • I am therefore going to give the floor to the Council in order to conclude the statements which, I am sure, will be followed with a great deal of interest by the citizens of Chechnya who are today present in the visitors' gallery.
  • The Head of Mission shall ensure that the numbers of EULEX KOSOVO staff present and of authorised visitors never exceed EULEX KOSOVO's capabilities to ensure their safety and security or to manage their evacuation in an emergency situation.
  • M. whereas 43% of the budget for the European Parliament's DG III is at present spent on visitors groups; whereas the budget for visitors groups will increase in the year 2002,
  • whereas 43% of the budget for the European Parliament's DG III is at present spent on visitors' groups; whereas the budget for visitors' groups will increase in the year 2002,
  • It is important to present an image of Europe for inward consumption, for the Union's own citizens, but also outwardly, for visitors from around the globe.
  • I'd like to ask our visitors to turn their backs since there's an ashamed crook present.
  • Apart from completing excavations, those in charge also seek to build museums and a cross-border road between the two countries allowing visitors to visit both these important archaeological sites which present many similarities.
  • At the present time, the museum is not open to visitors as maintenance work is underway.
  • The eider duck is principally a winter visitor in the Voordelta, but smaller groups are also present throughout the summer.
  • It's a celebration unlike any other tonight, as visitor high commander Anna prepares to present her latest gift to humanity...
  • Souvenirs from the Parliament for visitors The days when sovereigns showered each other with precious presents are gone, but the gesture of gift exchange remains a symbol of friendship between people and countries.
  • But all eyes are on visitor high commander Anna, who has unexpectedly shown up, amidst opposition, hoping to present their advanced technology own as blue energy as a gift at today's roundtable discussion in Geneva.
  • Tonight, Prime Focus With Chad Decker... ...is proud to present an up-close and personal interview with Anna... ...the Visitor High Commander.
  • Therefore, I simply did not understand why at the recent World Ploughing Championships in Ireland, which attracted 250000 visitors, only two wine producers were present, neither of them from Europe.


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