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in the site vs at the site

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

in the site is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

in the site

749,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Presence of livestock species in the site.
  • They could, however, be integrated in a more general project for improving the conservation status of the habitats and species present in the site.
  • This criterion exists to evaluate the relative size and density of the population in the site with that of the national population.
  • The character of the population in the site can be further described in the text field 'Quality and Importance' (4.2) outlining the nature of the population (e.g. dense, dispersed or isolated).
  • Where the percentage of marine area in the site has changed over time, the most recent percentage should be entered.
  • NP: in case that a habitat type no longer exists in the site enter: x (optional).
  • NP: in case that a species is no longer present in the site enter: x (optional).
  • Either stand in the site or away from it, but not on the edge.
  • The crawfish (Austropotamobius pallibes) is one of the species protected in the site and listed in Annexes II and V of the above Habitats Directive.
  • phytosanitary treatments against the vectors of the specified organism are applied in the site and its zone as referred to in paragraph 4(c);
  • But in line with the spirit of the additional protocol, there is no reason to include in the site buildings, which do not contribute to the nuclear mission of the site.
  • In this case it would be good practice to supplement such a declaration by a document detailing the function of the buildings between the separate areas and explaining the reasons why those buildings in the vicinity of a facility are not included in the site.
  • there has been heavy public investment in the site, including Community Objective 2 and ESF funding (development of the local system, infrastructure and vocational training), from which AST has benefited directly or indirectly.
  • Projects for the conservation or improvement of the conservation status of the habitats and species of Community interest present in the site are therefore eligible for Community financing under the Nature branch of the LIFE programme.
  • Where, in the course of fishing operations, a fishing vessel encounters a vulnerable marine ecosystem, it shall immediately cease fishing, or refrain from engaging in fishing in the site concerned.
  • Theoretically, to assess criterion A(b) one needs to measure the surface covered by the habitat type in the site, and the total surface of the national territory that is covered by the same habitat type.
  • Do you have - having been as physically involved in the site as you have been doing this project - have any ideas about what should or shouldn't be done?
  • As for the enlargement of the proposed SCI suggested by the Honourable Member, only two of the three types of habitats of Community importance mentioned by the Honourable Member are, according to the Natura 2000 data base, represented in the Site ES5223037:
  • Moreover, the compensation package not only focuses on the Iberian lynx, but on other key species present in the site in order to guarantee the overall coherence of the site.
  • I stayed up in the site all night.

at the site

525,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Patients using CSII may be more prone to infection at the site of infusion.
  • InductOs is active at the site of implantation.
  • The stones found at the site indicate a domed hearth.
  • Almost all patients receiving Firazyr will experience a reaction at the site of the injection.
  • This footprint was found at the site of Hyang-sook's murder.
  • Both targets are at the site.
  • No murder weapon at the site.
  • The tire tracks put Harris at the site of three murders.
  • Cadet Dodoka, we have found this at the site of occurrence, acquaint yourself with it.
  • Hand: The burnt remains recovered at the site are believed to be those of Agent trainee Michael Peterson.
  • In addition to glazed pottery shards, glassy material resembling actual trinitite also has been discovered at the site of Tall El-Hammam.
  • This way we can park right at the site, and first thing tomorrow morning go straight to work.
  • In animal studies (rats) using InductOs containing radiolabelled dibotermin alfa, the mean residence time at the site of implantation was 4-8 days.
  • However, skin tumours have not been reported in the clinical trials at the site of application or in close proximity.
  • Severe skin erythema, local oedema and blistering may occur due to hypersensitivity to the patch at the site of application.
  • When you have time, take a look at the site.
  • Hodgins found bronze particulates at the site.
  • We have a witness that puts you at the site of the murder.
  • Chris and I are at the site where we lost Joyce Ramirez.
  • Deputies found some torn clothing and a ID for a Jennifer Fredericks at the site.


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