Which English form is more popular:
"bells and whistles" or "whistles and bells" ?

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    "Bells and whistles" is an idiomatic expression roughly meaning well-equipped with fancy extra features. For example, the very latest, most expensive and full featured mobile phone could be said to have "all the bells and whistles". "Whistles and bells" would be used if you literally mean whistles and bells. Like, "the music teacher put away the whistles and bells after class."

bells and whistles

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  • bells and whistles. Fig. extra, fancy add
  • ons or gadgets. I like cars that are loaded with all the bells and whistles. All those bells and whistles add to the cost.
  • Bells and whistles refers to non
  • essential features, visual or functional, that are an enhancement to an object. It may also refer to: More Bells and Whistles ...
  • Bells and Whistles is a full
  • service florist offering wedding, event and holiday design and decor. Located on the Outer Banks of NC, Bells and Whistles ...
  • These new Pontiacs come with ALL the bells and whistles! Windows ME is the fuckin same as Windows 98, but with some stupid bells and whistles.

whistles and bells

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  • He testified that only one had horns, whistles and bells working. Thousands of whistles and bells sounded as the two racers steamed up to the stake boat.
  • features added to a product; special parts or functions; extras. Expand. Also called whistles and bells. Origin of bells and whistles. Expand. 1970
  • 1975. 1970
  • 75.
  • Riverside Whistles and Bells premieres next Sunday (12/7) at the Riverside Art Museum. Thanks again to NewMusic USA for supporting the project!
  • Dec 7, 2014 ... Riverside Whistles and Bells is an extended site
  • specific sonic event to take place on the roof of the Riverside Art Museum (RAM). Composer ...

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