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the process is vs that would be the process

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

the process is is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

the process is

105,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Once they've been absorbed, the process is irreversible.
  • After 75 million years, the process is near completion.
  • It might take weeks until the process is completed.
  • Initial trends indicate greater price convergence and we believe the process is fully under control.
  • In this way, the process is streamlined.
  • But the process is essentially the same.
  • Except the process is more costly.
  • She says the process is quite slow.
  • These forms look elaborate, but the process is a very minimal one.
  • In this case, the process is deterministic.
  • In the examples following, the process is always ksnapshot-23151.
  • My understanding suggests the process is the same for you.
  • But the process is fragile and can be easily reversed.
  • There is agreement on this point and the process is underway.
  • I believe that the process is well balanced.
  • On implementing agencies, in moving to ex-post controls, the process is the other way round.
  • The verification methodology is documented and ensures that the process is systematic, transparent, evidence-based, carried out at regular intervals and covers everything included within the definition.
  • And when the process is complete, we'll have a lush, arable biosphere.
  • As my colleague has just said, there is a real moment of hope, although we know that the process is a fragile one.
  • There has been no impact assessment; the process is only halfway through, but the works are ongoing.

that would be the process

10,800,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Cross my fingers and hope something survived the process.
  • This formally involves candidate countries in the process.
  • Nearly killed Shelley in the process.
  • Less bureaucracy means less corruption because the process becomes more transparent .
  • Sometimes the process accelerates as in my case.
  • - Then begin the process immediately.
  • The process used to be dignified.
  • The process can vary depending on temperature and conditions.
  • Throughout the process, no substances are added.
  • Throughout the process this assistance should be considered.
  • The process of procurement must be appropriately coordinated.
  • The process lacked concept, planning and project management.
  • So the process was extremely positive.
  • Without implementation, the process remains empty.
  • Strengthening multilateral rules is part of the process.
  • The process of restructuring Odlewnia Śrem started in 2003.
  • Throughout the process, Interpipe maintains ownership of the product.
  • The ozonator is kept deactivated throughout the process.
  • The process of relocation is in reality fundamentally unilateral.
  • They manage the process, they understand the process.


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