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I confirm vs I confirmed

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

I confirm is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

I confirm

22,300,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • And so, I confirm my orders.
  • I confirm that my organisation has the financial and operational capacity to complete the proposed project.
  • I confirm that the component and build quality of the speakers is excellent.
  • I confirm once again that this is in addition to the provisions set out in paragraph 4.
  • Once I confirm the balance in my swiss account.
  • I called the Bank and if I confirm that the translation exists within
  • I confirm that the Commission has no intention of making any further study.
  • I confirm all the positive comments above.
  • I confirm the above, a real pleasure and an exquisite attention.
  • I confirm the remarks of Jean-Louis Giraud, who crossed the pass Baldiscio the storm and tempest.
  • I confirm the accuracy of all information provided in my financing application.
  • I confirm that we are in a genuine codecision procedure.
  • I confirm and stand by that which was said.
  • I confirm the fact, but I don't plead guilty.
  • I confirm my version of the facts!
  • And I confirm that I'm not lycanthrop-ified!
  • Therefore, I confirm you're under arrest and will be held in custody.
  • I confirm that I have established the level of compliance of the validated entity in an impartial and objective way.
  • I confirm that my organisation has taken the appropriate measures to ensure the protection and safety of participants involved in the project.
  • Secondly, I confirm that many actions have been taken by the Presidency to try to build a common position within the European Union.

I confirmed

600,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • During the last occurrence, I confirmed one of my hypotheses.
  • I confirmed your interview with Kobe...
  • I confirmed your daughter was placed in protective custody with her mother in 1990.
  • I confirmed with a structural engineer that we can knock out this wall and construct a surgical theater.
  • However, in my letter of 20 February, I confirmed that the substance of Microsoft's response would of course be taken into account by the Commission.
  • I confirmed that the European Parliament supported what President Bush had said, and that we hoped to work with him to put his ideas into practice.
  • I confirmed C.O.D.'s on our female victims.
  • Guys... I confirmed what's on the drive.
  • That's impossible, I confirmed my reservation last night.
  • I confirmed Chloe Jamison last week for the red carpet.
  • I confirmed the cause of death as gunshot wounds to all three victims.
  • I confirmed your ship, the Maria Crowther, sailing for Naples.
  • I confirmed her attendance that afternoon.
  • I confirmed his corpse, indeed.
  • I confirmed the engravings on both bullet casings we found are an exact match.
  • HODGES: I confirmed that with DMV.
  • I confirmed that it was our intention to prepare an initial position statement at European level by mid-February.
  • Using digital facial points, I confirmed the profileto be a match to the photo that you have of Joe from the bank.
  • I hardly know why my presence would be a surprise, I confirmed over a month ago.
  • I confirmed solidity on Thursday, 3:30 that afternoon.


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