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significantly increase vs increase significantly

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

significantly increase is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

significantly increase

13,300,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • However, implementing the above steps can significantly increase male fertility immediately.
  • Another area where the RIR system is on-hand to significantly increase light delivery is on north-facing roofs.
  • Attention: Setting the high values of this parameter can significantly increase processing time.
  • Therefore, the capacity to significantly increase imports to the Union exists.
  • We need to introduce practical legislation which will significantly increase resource productivity.
  • A stone mulch can significantly increase crop yields in arid areas.
  • However, by properly following this program you should be able to significantly increase your height.
  • Procainamide, quinidine used together with Nimptop may significantly increase the risk of elongation of the QT interval.
  • EZTrader Demo Account is one such tool that can significantly increase the profitability of your trades.
  • They further alleged that such requirements significantly increase prices of local products.
  • The Global Health Fund was established to significantly increase the resource mobilisation for HIV prevention.
  • That is why they cannot significantly increase their incomes by increasing their production.
  • It is therefore in a position to significantly increase its current production.
  • Taking a taxis during rush hour can significantly increase your fare.
  • Almost all languages have seen their rate of translation significantly increase.
  • This will significantly increase the likelihood of returning home with your catch.
  • Otherwise will significantly increase the likelihood of so-called spurious pulses which will negatively affect the formation of accurate device readings.
  • Fertilization has also been shown to significantly increase the seed yield for up to two years after application.
  • If the climber neglects taking up slack, just a single step can significantly increase the fall factor.
  • Tweaking your truck's computer can significantly increase HP and torque while still providing safety to the engine.

increase significantly

4,250,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • The need for advice and assessment to prolong safe driving will also increase significantly.
  • Many assessments would indicate that CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions are likely to increase significantly.
  • competitive pressures among depository and other financial institutions may increase significantly;
  • The Commission expects that the actual fishing activities can increase significantly under the new protocol.
  • Chile was able to increase significantly its export volumes to Japan.
  • The towns of Essen, Bochum, Münster and Dorsten all saw their liabilities increase significantly after the SNB's decision, reported Die Zeit newspaper.
  • The radiation losses also increase significantly with a decreasing size a of the orbit.
  • Vishing attacks increase significantly in recent months - RedesZone
  • In the next few years, our power and our responsibilities will increase significantly.
  • Exports of palm oil could contribute country's foreign exchange of USD 14 billion in 2010 and is expected to increase significantly from year ketahunnya.
  • Although the strategy paper does not mention it specifically, uncontrolled arms exports to recipients outside of the EU can increase significantly these threats.
  • Public pension expenditure in terms of GDP is forecast not to increase significantly on present plans.
  • With the advent of the Mobile Internet, the costs and nuisance of unsolicited communications will therefore increase significantly.
  • I am convinced that it is the European Union's duty to increase significantly financing for the preparation, provisioning and expansion of rapid response forces.
  • opportunities for mobility in the context of vocational education and training should increase significantly;
  • Houses start at 15,000 RMB In general, prices increase significantly within each Ring Road approaching the city center.
  • So you can increase significantly, among other things with the help of special counsel conduct their vitality and performance.
  • Including plug-in hybrids - whose electrically powered range will increase significantly in the coming year - the BMW Group's electrified product portfolio will then comprise at least 25 models.
  • This form of measures is expected to limit to a certain extent any possible undue negative impact on the users in the case prices would increase significantly and rapidly.
  • whereas air traffic is expected to continue to increase significantly over the next few years,


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