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we will notify you inmediattly vs we will notify you promptly

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

we will notify you inmediattly is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

we will notify you inmediattly

368,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We will notify you if this game becomes meaningless.
  • We will notify you when it is safe to use them again.
  • Material evidence of this exists, and we will notify you of all such evidence as soon as possible.
  • We will notify him once we have the positive proof.
  • We will notify the families of these soldiers that their sons died in what may have been a terrorist attack.
  • Of course we will notify the ushers to be particularly vigilant to ensure that, even in our absence, no-one smokes at least within this Hemicycle.
  • I will notify you of the agreements of holy matrimony and the responsibility of marriage.
  • If the integrity check is successful, Brasero will notify you with a File integrity check success dialog; otherwise, the File integrity check error dialog will be displayed.
  • When enabled, & kate; will notify you about files modified from outside the application whenever the main window receives input focus. You will be able to deal with several modified files at once, you can reload, save or discard changed files in groups.
  • The last page will send the bug report to the bug tracking system and will notify you when it is done. It will then show the web address of the bug report in the KDE bug tracking system, so that you can look at the report later.
  • Spain will notify the Commission of any relevant amendments to the abovementioned Act.
  • The Member States will notify the organizations in an appropriate manner of their recognition.
  • The Commission will notify candidates that their proposal has been received.
  • The Commission will notify the other Member States.
  • In such case the Agency will notify its determination to the Commission.
  • I will notify the police in Rio.
  • This will notify the monitoring agencies if she leaves the house during curfew hours.
  • They'll call your place, or they will notify the police.
  • I will notify reception they're coming through.
  • I will notify Netan of your arrival.

we will notify you promptly

52,900 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We will notify you if this game becomes meaningless.
  • We will notify you when it is safe to use them again.
  • Authorising officers and Member States should notify OLAF promptly of any sums recovered or amounts written off.
  • The Commission shall notify promptly to the Member States any addition to, any deletion from and/or any modification of the lists referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article at any time such changes occur.
  • the Executive Secretary shall notify promptly in writing all Contracting Parties of such a measure following its adoption by the Commission;
  • The developing country shall promptly notify the Committee of each step.
  • A Participant shall also promptly notify all other Participants when an aid protocol, credit line or similar agreement is signed.
  • The Secretariats shall promptly notify the signatory States and the Community.
  • Material evidence of this exists, and we will notify you of all such evidence as soon as possible.
  • Partners will, at the outset of a project, promptly notify one another of their affiliates which will be involved in the performance of the project, and will notify one another of any changes in the affiliates so involved during the life of the project.
  • In this case, it shall promptly notify the requesting Central Authority using the form set out in Annex IX.
  • Each Party shall promptly notify the Committee of any modification to the Party's information listed in Appendix II, III or IV.
  • In these cases, the organization must promptly notify the Department of Commerce (or its designee) of such facts.
  • The importing Party shall respond to such a request within 60 days and shall promptly notify the Secretariat of its decision.
  • They should be advised to promptly notify their physician of any rash and avoid delay between the initial symptoms and medical consultation.
  • 3. Each party shall promptly notify to FAO any modifications to the information listed in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article.
  • The depositary shall promptly notify all States of:
  • In order to allow competent authorities to monitor the appropriateness of the multiplication factors on an ongoing basis, institutions shall notify promptly, and in any case no later than within five working days, the competent authorities of overshootings that result form their back-testing programme.
  • the Participants, on a voluntary basis and with best endeavours, shall notify promptly cases where the country credit risks are externalised/removed or limited/excluded for the entire life of the debt repayment obligations,
  • Member States shall require each undertaking holding an unsealed radioactive source to notify the competent authority promptly of any loss, theft, significant spill, or unauthorised use or release.


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