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i have mailed you vs I have sent mail to you

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

i have mailed you is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

i have mailed you

62,800 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I have mailed you a couple of books to read.
  • I'd have mailed you your check.
  • I would have mailed you your cup, but I didn't know where you were.
  • We would have mailed you your last check.
  • When would I have mailed it, Sarah?
  • Well, you could have mailed it to them.
  • I could have mailed all that stuff back to ex-widow.
  • We should have mailed the knife too.
  • Steph, someone has mailed you a stuffed dog.
  • I e-mailed you a preliminary report.
  • No, no, he mailed you something.
  • I e-mailed you the program that we worked up.
  • I've e-mailed you the morning bathroom schedule.
  • I e-mailed you before I left.
  • I've e-mailed you the results.
  • Corporate says it's verbatim the draft they e-mailed you.
  • I e-mailed you about my visit.
  • No, I already mailed you your check back.
  • That's why I mailed you guys the photo of the shooter.
  • I already e-mailed you my corrections, Marcus.

I have sent mail to you

6,900 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I need the name and address of every person he's called, visited, or sent mail to the last 72 hours.
  • Collection to dump sent mail into.
  • Critical error: Unable to process sent mail (out of space?)Moving failing message to "sent-mail" folder.
  • Otherwise they wouldn't have sent an e-mail to everyone.
  • Invalid sent-mail folder. Keeping message in outbox.
  • I sent an e-mail to hart and rachel confessing my lie.
  • What is even more disappointing is that the Quaestors have sent an e-mail to all Members urging them to vote for this.
  • Well, don't worry, 'cause I have called the city's automated help desk and I've also sent out an e-mail to, so action has been taken.
  • The custom sent-mail folder for identity"%1" does not exist (anymore); therefore, the default sent-mail folder will be used.
  • If unchecked, messages will always be stored unencrypted in your sent-mail folder, even if they are sent encrypted.
  • Yes, but the actual results are unsuccessful and I've already sent an e-mail to everyone at the university explaining that I have confirmed string theory and forever changed man's understanding of the universe.
  • I sent the e-mail to Sloan, I mean Will.
  • Sent a fan mail to him but never got a reply so I began disliking him.
  • I only sent the e-mail to those who were called for that rehearsal.
  • Okay, then your stolen laptop should have sent an e-mail to your home computer, which would give us its current IP address and the location within 50 feet.
  • In recent years, thousands of Italian citizens have sent countless e-mails to the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, addressed to its President, Daniel Cardon.
  • No Sent mail folder - & mailody; stores sent messages alongside the message replied or in the currently selected folder if not replying.
  • Geary encountered an error saving a sent message to Sent Mail. The message will stay in your Outbox folder until you delete it.
  • You know I would have sent you 300 e-mails back if I could.
  • I sent her the e-mail to remind her of how good she was.


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