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please find attached the vs find attached my

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

please find attached the is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

please find attached the

413,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

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find attached my

231,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Please find attached my new OpenPGP certificate.
  • Please find 2 documents attached: my letter withdrawing the claim addressed to the President of the EU General Court, and the confirmation from the post that the letter has been indeed sent.
  • Please find attached two annexes with details of some of these crimes (source: LGBT Human Rights Platform Turkey).
  • In the style of that timeless literary creation Mr William Wonka, you'll find attached to each essay, a golden ticket.
  • Delegations will find attached a draft of the final compromise text for a new procedure resulting from the meeting of the Permanent Representatives Committee on 8 June 2006.
  • The Honourable Member will find attached a table showing the distribution by nationality of grade AD staff at the Council General Secretariat.
  • Please find attached the European Health Insurance Card with number: ... as requested in section 7
  • For a detailed description of the situation please find attached the technical report drawn up by Professor G. B. De Medici and Professor F. Ortolani of Naples University on 7 February 2009.
  • I often find that in attached women.
  • The Honourable Member will find a complete copy attached to this answer.
  • Well, I did find a video file attached to an incoming text.
  • An old stove maker once told me that when he repairs chimneys, he finds them attached to the vents motionless like larvae.
  • I thank them all the more, because in our somewhat beleaguered position, we non-attached members find it practically impossible to table motions, which is why we particularly welcome initiatives such as this.
  • She attached my paycheck, child support.
  • My ex, she attached my paycheck for child support payments.
  • If only you'd attached my legs... I wouldn't be in this ridiculous position.
  • And as a gift, I've attached my card.
  • That's why I attached my head shot.
  • So now, my grandmother, for fear that I'd get into trouble, and seeing she's almost blind and couldn't follow me, sometimes took a pin and attached my skirt to hers!
  • The Honourable Member will find details of the cost of these seminars attached.


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