Which English form is more popular:
"in an effort to" or "in effort to" ?

  • English Experts tip

    "in effort to" is incorrect.
    The noun phrase effort needs a determiner before it.Adding the article "an" Corrects it.
    "in an effort to" is the correct form.

  • English Experts tip

    In effort to rebuild the city...

    "An" refers to one effort as opposed to just saying "in effort" would mean an effort as a whole from a group.

in an effort to

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  • Examples from the web:
  • He confessed in an effort to cut a deal.
  • We unsuccessfully tried 53 computational models in an effort to simulate their movements prior to the crash.
  • You know, in an effort to understand your culture better, I've been trying to embrace this very American practice of preparing meat in the garden.
  • Now, these three remarkable men have given their lives in an effort to... widen the horizons of their species.
  • As such, he was forced to share his work in an effort to protect himself against the company.
  • ...in an effort to force her out for refusing work.
  • International space agencies have banded together and launched a rocket in an effort to save mankind.
  • I kidnapped them in an effort to save our planet Earth.

in effort to

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  • Examples from the web:
  • 8 hours ago ... France makes it illegal for supermarkets to destroy edible food in effort to cut waste. Chains are being made to donate products to charity or ...
  • 15 hours ago ... MGM joins Wynn, Sands and Switch in effort to buy power without NV Energy. Image. L.E. Baskow. NRG Energy and MGM Resorts celebrated ...
  • Apple acquires another navigation company in effort to bolster mapping services. By Dante D'Orazio; on May 17, 2015 02:43 pm; Email · @dantedorazio · 21.
  • Missouri conservation center closely involved in effort to repopulate endangered wolf species. Published May 09, 2015. Associated Press. Facebook0 Twitter0 ...

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