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with regards to the vs with regards the

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

with regards to the is the most popular phrase on the web.

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with regards to the

112,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • This apartment is very badly equipped, especially with regards to the kitchen.
  • Some of these programs have limitations with regards to the file size that can be used.
  • Mr. Choi, I'll take full responsibility with regards to the floor.
  • The encouragement of self-regulation or engaging in public-private partnerships with regards to the blocking or deletion of information on the Internet is pushed by certain Commission Directorates-General and raises questions of legality.
  • This would make a difference with regards to the technical requirements for type approval.
  • The key issue for this proposal to gain acceptance in the EU is that it removes cross-border tax obstacles while remaining broadly neutral with regards to the taxing prerogatives of States.
  • Generally flat shares are more flexible than full leases with regards to the term of the lease, termination and other clauses.
  • Your rapporteur further highlights the importance for the German rural economy of such provisions, particularly with regards to the small scale distilleries.
  • The initial perception with regards to the Vauxhall is that it is a much nicer car than previous versions.
  • A man suffering from yeast infection finds it difficult and embarrassing to talk about with regards to the illness.
  • This competency examines how your employees feel with regards to the quality and implementation of the human resource role within your organization.
  • Yes, only with regards to the Brits.
  • They passed specific instructions with regards to the execution of sejm decrees, and other local resolutions.
  • On the contrary. Not even with regards to the MICE activity.
  • However, several architectures still face upgrade problems with regards to the kernel and glibc.
  • You recall his terms with regards to the brownstone.
  • No objection was raised with regards to the selection of the sample.
  • Explain the sampling strategy planned with regards to the biological variables.
  • However, some uncertainties remain with regards to the precise scope of possible activities of the new Agency.
  • Remain up-to-date with laws and regulations with regards to the powersports industry.

with regards the

33,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Mar 6, 2009 ... As in: “With regards the problem of induction, Hume suggests….” I only ever use it or the standard “With regard to”, as using “with regards to” ...
  • ... from the terms of reference of CTF, in particular as with regards the question of amnesty, with a view to strengthening the effectiveness and credibility of CTF.
  • With regards the review of the LPT due to property price developments. As you are aware the current system is going to effect urbane dweller in any type of ...
  • With Regards, The Fed). Nov. 18, 2014 12:24 PM ET. by: Matthew Salter. Matthew Salter. ⊕Follow (54 followers). CFA, portfolio strategy, macro, Training ...


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