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I already sent vs I already send

Expert tip! Only use the word already when you are referring to a specific time, an event that is fully completed, or to indicate surprise at the passage of time. Many times it is redundant to say you have already done something; saying it is done is enough, so it is often better to simply omit the word.

I already sent

This is correct

This phrase is used to indicate something was sent in the past. The word already is used here to emphasize the action is completed and so it is too late for any changes.

Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert

Some examples from the web:

  • I already sent Jack his exit contact.
  • I already sent a science team.
  • I already sent men to the forest.
  • Okay, well, I already sent that over to your friend Catherine in Intelligence, and she said we'll have a translation back in an hour.
  • I already sent someone over there to watch 'em.
  • I already sent the sample to dna.
  • I already sent the lieutenants a list for the other 28 cities.
  • I already sent the others upstairs.

I already send

This is correct

This phrase is used to indicate an ongoing action or to express surprise at something that has happened sooner than expected.

Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert.

Some examples from the web:

  • Besides, anybody I could send is already too close to this research.
  • For those who they had difficulty with PIC, assembler, programm ers etc, to who will demand it, I will send the already programmed PIC to a cost of 12 € plus shipping costs.
  • The majority of our customers, as well as many interested parties, already send us their configured solutions for a non
  • obligatory proposal, or at least as a basis for further specifications , stated Peter Müller, Manager Internal Sales at ITD GmbH.
  • According to both Ukrainian and international experts, even the reference to Article 49 TEU which stipulates that any European country that fulfils the criteria can apply, would already send a strong signal to Ukraine.
  • whereas some Member States such as Spain and some autonomous regions such as Galicia and the Basque Country already send support ships, which provide medical assistance and help in rescue operations, to accompany such fishing vessels.
  • You have the coordinates already, just send me back.
  • Already the first glimpses send the eyes to discover.

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