Which English form is more popular:
"I already sent" or "I already send" ?

  • English Experts tip

    I already sent.

    You are explaining that you already do something, and the past tense of send is sent.

  • English Experts tip

    "I already sent" is more common than "I already send." The first is past-tense, so it would be something you did once in the past. Example: "I already sent the letter I wrote." The second is present-tense, so it would have to be something that you do repeatedly. Example: "I already send a donation to charity every month."

I already sent

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  • Examples from the web:
  • I already sent the sample to dna.
  • I already sent the others upstairs.
  • I already sent men to the forest.
  • Okay, well, I already sent that over to your friend Catherine in Intelligence, and she said we'll have a translation back in an hour.
  • I already sent out our Christmas cards, Oliver.
  • I already sent the photos to my friend...
  • I already sent Fiona over to Cara's place.

I already send

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  • Examples from the web:
  • According to both Ukrainian and international experts, even the reference to Article 49 TEU which stipulates that any European country that fulfils the criteria can apply, would already send a strong signal to Ukraine.
  • whereas some Member States such as Spain and some autonomous regions such as Galicia and the Basque Country already send support ships, which provide medical assistance and help in rescue operations, to accompany such fishing vessels.
  • We have already arranged to send the body to autopsy and informed the dept.
  • You want to send my already mentally unstable father back to the institution that made him that way.
  • The game is not over and already wants to send me away?
  • Concerning Amendment 5, I have to stress that, as Member States are already required to send the Commission a list of beneficiaries, this part of the amendment is unnecessary.
  • A policy which is geared only to reducing the damaging effects of drug abuse which is already taking place sends out completely the wrong signals and devotes resources to a completely wrong objective.
  • over and above the Electoral Observers' Mission which it has already said it would send, is the Commission prepared to monitor and assess the fairness of the preliminary process of verifying the signatures, should this be proposed or suggested?

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