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to tackle inflation vs tackling inflation

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

to tackle inflation is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

to tackle inflation

28,900 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We should be grateful that the ECB was there to tackle inflation.
  • What steps does the Commission believe it could take to tackle inflation and falling living standards in Romania?
  • The crisis has also highlighted a marked contradiction at a time in which the ECB has been forced to make financial movements in the market and at the same time to raise interest rates to tackle the risk of inflation.
  • Swedish development is therefore an excellent example of the fact that a traditional social democratic policy works, a policy which tackles unemployment before fighting inflation.
  • Against the backdrop of the global financial and economic crisis, it is ever more important for Bulgaria to tackle its macroeconomic vulnerabilities (high inflation and a large current account deficit) by maintaining its tight fiscal policy and by speeding up structural reforms to strengthen its competitiveness.
  • Regional and international co-operation are essential to tackle trafficking successfully.
  • The programme includes specific actions to tackle inequalities in health.
  • The EU ought to tackle this paradox.
  • Instead it pretends to tackle youth smoking.
  • Regional and international cooperation are essential to tackle this phenomenon successfully.
  • Our financial contribution will focus on measures to tackle the shortcomings identified.
  • This is important to tackle poor national implementation of previously agreed work.
  • Continue efforts to tackle the problem of street children.
  • We have to tackle this new responsibility resolutely.
  • To tackle them is to tackle one of the causes of conflict and poverty.
  • So, like you, we are not against international cooperation to tackle piracy, to tackle counterfeiting and to deal with other abuses of intellectual property rights.
  • If we wish to tackle health problems seriously, we must be brave enough to tackle the causes I have just described head-on.
  • I was just picking which disaster to tackle first.
  • Only the garden to tackle now.
  • There are many other organisations working to find ways to tackle the bushmeat problem.

tackling inflation

12,700 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Liam's body is tackling a heavy viral infection.
  • Over the same period, HICP inflation is not expected to differ markedly from CPI inflation.
  • Credibility helps in anchoring longer-term inflation expectations and lowering inflation volatility.
  • In particular, inflation distorts the signalling function of relative price movements and diverts resources away from productive uses towards activities directed at protecting investors against inflation.
  • Guess what neighborhood she's tackling next.
  • Fortunately, China is now tackling this problem.
  • Tackling educational disadvantage is a concern across the EU.
  • This means reducing poverty, providing quality education and tackling discrimination.
  • These are the realistic ways of tackling climate change.
  • We must be bold in tackling these projects.
  • I congratulate our committee for tackling the subject.
  • Tackling harmful conduct online, in particular grooming and cyber-bullying.
  • Grandiose panEuropean schemes for tackling unemployment do not address local need.
  • Tackling gender stereotypes is necessary but not enough.
  • Tackling the crisis requires a determined Commission and also a Parliament which is capable of tackling the serious circumstances that we are experiencing.
  • The weather, taxes, inflation.
  • The update's projections for inflation appear broadly realistic.
  • The projections for inflation appear attainable but risks remain.
  • The programme's projections for inflation also appear realistic.
  • The programme's projections for inflation also appear realistic.


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