Do you write 'the moon effects tides' or 'the moon affects tides'? Did it happen on accident or by accident? Use the form below to compare multiple expressions and find an immediate answer to your writing doubts. See an example - How it works

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Enter one to three words, phrases, or sentences into the text fields above and press the button Compare. Our sentence checker will search the web and count the number of occurrences for each entry. Expressions with many hits are popular and might be safe to use in your written English. Expressions with zero or only few hits are probably incorrect or awkward.

Example: Let’s say you are are not sure if you should write this document aims to explain something, or aims at explaining something, or aims to explaining something. Enter the three alternative forms in TextRanch:

  1. aims to explain
  2. aims at explaining
  3. aims to explaining

Press the button ‘Compare’ and you will quickly find out the answer:

Online Sentence Checker

Online Sentence Checker

The results shows that both the first and the second forms are used, while the third one is incorrect. The first form is somewhat preferred to the second one, although the subject is a little bit controversial. You can read more about it in this post “aim at/aim to” on WordReference. Using our English sentence checker you can instantaneously ask the advice of millions of writers and get the results in a concise and clear form. Try this example now.

Typical Usage

  • Preposition Usage: Did it happen 'on accident' or 'by accident'? Check it now!
  • Idiomatic Expressions: What was that...'whistles and bells' or 'bells and whistles'? Check it now!
  • Plagiarism: 'Lorem ipsum dolor...' Have I seen it already somewhere on the web? Check it now!

Who Can Use It?

TextRanch is designed to help people writing in English. Whether you are facing the challenges of academic, technical or business writing, or you are just writing an email to a friend in a different country, this free tool can help you make sure your English makes sense.

Why am I always getting zero hits?

If you check long sentences with many specific words, chances are that you will get zero hits. For example, if you write “I live in El Dorado Springs and I go to the university in Kansas City“, our tool will not find any match, even if your sentence is correct. Try to use as few words as possible. For example, you might want to compare “go to the university” and “go at the university“. Try this example now.


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