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drop-out vs drop out

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

drop-out is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!


22,200,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Subject: School drop-out rate in Crete
  • We have an EU-wide school drop-out rate of over 14%.
  • What short-term measures are being considered to bring about a significant reduction in school drop-out rates?
  • The objective of the Europe 2020 strategy is to reduce school drop-out rates to below 10 % and increase the number of qualified school-leavers by at least 40 %.
  • However, there is reason to believe that the harsh working hours contribute to a significant drop-out rate, with a particular impact on women junior doctors.
  • In France, this process took no account of school drop-out rates, and under the MGI programme some schools were selected without sufficient justification.
  • This will lead to high drop-out rate of consumers after visiting your page and defeat your marketing campaigns or efforts to attract a larger audience.
  • Today, the average rate of school drop-out in the EU is over 16%.
  • Roughly one in five Romanian students leave the education system prematurely, with the school drop-out rate having tripled in the period 2000-07.
  • Moreover, there is a high school drop-out rate, especially among girls, who, once they have enrolled are less likely than boys to continue attending school.
  • As well as early years education, it targets, firstly, the reduction of school drop-out rates and, secondly, increasing the number of graduates.
  • For young people in particular, there were grave consequences of the global economic crisis, namely, serious rises in the youth unemployment and school drop-out rates.
  • The goals have been set of reducing the school drop-out rate to below 10% and enabling 40% of young people to complete higher education by 2020.
  • The following priorities have been identified for elimining poverty: a higher rate of employment, preventing school drop-out, eliminating child poverty, modernising social security, and eliminating discrimination.
  • As such, I consider it essential to apply measures to reduce early school drop-out rates, to increase the number of graduates, and to make education and professional training more attractive.
  • As a result of this distinctive combination of factors, the drop-out rates among Bahá'í community health workers in Chad and several other African countries are very low in comparison with other community health programs.
  • Moreover, it fails to mention the social reasons that lead to early school drop-out, to a lack of access to higher education opportunities and to youth unemployment, just so as to mask the responsibility of the neoliberal policies promoted by large companies and financial institutions.
  • At present, the Commission is concentrating, in particular through the work done by my colleague Commissioner Figeľ, on the early drop-out rates and the acquisition of basic skills.
  • Subject: What measures is the European Commission contemplating to combat school drop-out and the critical state of education in Romania?
  • school drop-out rates, recalling that it is for the Member States to take preventive action and offer pupils alternatives in the field of training and apprenticeship;

drop out

21,800,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • We have a charity auction every year, and unfortunately the parent who is leading it had to drop out.
  • One would hope Mellie Grant would have the good sense to drop out early and let Vice President Ross collect the female vote.
  • You can drop out and work at the furniture store.
  • His parents made him drop out.
  • Paul skipped so many classes he had to drop out.
  • It's basically a payoff to have me drop out.
  • I mean, look, the fact is, I'm winning, and Coleman thinks that a fabricated affair is enough to make me drop out.
  • Mom was helping me with law school tuition, so I had to drop out.
  • Look, I'll drop out all the artificial pixels.
  • I wish to reconsider my request to drop out, sir.
  • You had your chance to drop out.
  • You had your chance to drop out.
  • Woori wants to drop out and make sculptures there.
  • You drop out and run as my lieutenant governor.
  • The tournament doc had to drop out at the last second.
  • I'm a college drop out.
  • Then we drop out early and drift.
  • Sponsors drop out for a reason.
  • Freshman year at school she had to drop out.
  • Things they've seen or heard just drop out.


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