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the procedure for vs the procedure of

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

the procedure for is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

the procedure for

42,500,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Section 5 regulates the procedure for requesting administrative notification.
  • The national rules may define the procedure for conformity related to points and and associated certificates.
  • This part describes the procedure for compiling a technical file.
  • This Subpart establishes the procedure for issuing noise certificates.
  • Tell me the procedure for a clamshell.
  • I know the procedure for the challenge.
  • The definition should therefore be subject to approval in accordance with the procedure for delegated acts.
  • The Treaty has laid down the procedure for such an assessment.
  • The second point concerns the procedure for revising the Treaties.
  • To make the procedure for the adoption of implementing rules more transparent, emphasising public accountability.
  • Article 4 of Directive 2001/95/EC lays down the procedure for drawing up European standards.
  • The Co-President explained the procedure for the allocation of speaking time.
  • (2) Article 4 of the Directive establishes the procedure for such authorisation.
  • The first point concerns the procedure for revising the treaties.
  • Article 3(5) of the Proposal addresses the procedure for taking fingerprints.
  • The conditions and the procedure for granting financial assistance in these situations should be laid down.
  • Another important aspect is the procedure for updating Annex A of the directive.
  • Thirdly, we have ensured that the procedure for selecting projects is simplified and shortened.
  • Article 8 simplifies the procedure for obtaining authorisation (route licence).
  • Article 4 - the procedure for designating ECI is set out.

the procedure of

19,300,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • errors found in the procedure of clearance of accounts for financial year 2010
  • The involvement of the European panel in the procedure of withdrawal is essential for reasons of transparency.
  • The Agreement was subsequently notified to the Commission under the procedure of Regulation No 17.
  • The summary declaration shall be made in electronic form according to the specifications determined under the procedure of the Committee.
  • This new article inserts the procedure of delegated act for the modification of the annex containing the technical requirements.
  • It will also adopt guidelines for the procedure of the follow-up of opinions, in line with Rule 56.
  • However, almost because he made that recommendation, the procedure of automatic carry-over was tried.
  • Denying the will of nations to be independent through the procedure of majority voting is even more dangerous for foreign policy than for any other field.
  • This new annex should be modified by the procedure of delegated acts;
  • The same condition would have been valid for every bidder, since, as it has already been mentioned, it has been included in the procedure of denationalisation.
  • 3. The circumstances in which and the conditions under which a flat-rate security may be provided shall be determined in accordance with the procedure of the committee.
  • We would have been delighted to continue the debate with the Council, with the Commission acting as facilitator, through the procedure of regret that cannot be done.
  • 4. Until 31 December 2014, all shipments to Bulgaria of waste for recovery listed in Annex III shall be subject to the procedure of prior written notification and consent in accordance with Title II.
  • At present the Commission is of the opinion that the Articles referring to the procedure of establishing the Natura 2000 network have been correctly transposed.
  • The first one alludes to Parliament's involvement in the procedure of appointing the first High Representative.
  • The specific situation of a person deprived of liberty should be fully taken into account by the competent authorities throughout the procedure of taking contact.
  • It should, however, be mentioned that on 21 June 2005, The Ministry of Justice adopted a new Circular (G-6/05) on the procedure of transfer of real estate in connection with mergers, de mergers and transformation of companies [27].
  • This would, for example, establish the procedure of 'sanctioning' a 'European political party' that no longer observed the 'principles upon which the EU is founded'.
  • This political dialogue will help enormously to resolve possible problems or misunderstandings and to support the procedure of rapprochement and cooperation, which will serve stability and the peaceful development and coexistence of the entire Mediterranean area.
  • According to the United Kingdom, the arrangement has effectively led to a simplification, both for taxable persons and the tax administration, of the procedure of collecting VAT in relation to expenditure on fuel for business cars.


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