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enough time vs time enough

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

enough time is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

enough time

37,800,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • There simply isn't enough time.
  • I assume that's enough time for you to conclude your business.
  • You've had enough time to find whatever you're looking for.
  • That would afford the European Parliament enough time to react should any issues emerge.
  • That's not nearly enough time...
  • I... haven't got enough time to spend with him.
  • There's not enough time to get it right.
  • If we go now, there is enough time.
  • He knew he didn't have enough time.
  • Which should give us enough time to...
  • That's not enough time for a proper sweep on one of these buildings.
  • Not enough time to got nothing.
  • I don't spend nearly enough time on the holodeck.
  • Not enough time in the exercise yard.
  • Now I believe you and I have spent quite enough time together.
  • They won't have enough time to reach a populated area.
  • They aren't given enough time to eat.
  • This situation should leave the driver and passengers with enough time to evacuate.
  • We haven't given him enough time.
  • There is enough time to finish this homework.

time enough

2,830,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • With good acceptance of his majesty... save that there was not time enough to hear.
  • I know you do not have time enough to do everything.
  • Three days is time enough to ride to the Cauldron of Arianrhod.
  • time enough to consolidate its already great power.
  • But there was time enough yet for little Pearl.
  • I had time enough to see how he...
  • Now, it's time enough for improvement.
  • Because I didn't give you time enough.
  • In the interim, there is time enough for everyone to take part in this procedure and express their opinion.
  • When this is done, if he has time enough, he may change activity.
  • Surely you had time enough to warn me that my husband was alive and serving alongside you both.
  • Before we left... Anandi and I had time enough to break each other's hearts.
  • That way, there'd be time enough to even the odds.
  • It's time enough to pay this Paxton a visit, come on.
  • Greg just proved that that's time enough for Finn to have delivered the final shot over the body.
  • The rapporteur suggests to keep 2010 for similarity with FP7 practice and also to let time enough for eventual revision of the regulation.
  • Oughtn't that to be time enough, Hugo?
  • that's time enough for even the last crippled dog to escape.
  • So fast that there was only time enough for my short life to flash in front of my eyes.
  • I've only time enough left for results.


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