Which English form is correct:
Do you have any update? or Do you have any updates? ?


Expert Tip!

It can be difficult to match the word any with the right plural or singular form of a word. Usually, if you can count an item, then it should be plural when paired with any:

  • Do you have any pets? Yes, I have 1 cat.
  • Did you buy any books? Yes, I bought 10 books.
  • Did you see any movie stars? Yes, I saw 2 movie stars.

But if it is something that would be difficult to count, then you use the singular form:

  • Do you have any salt? Yes, I have some salt.
  • Do you have any water? Yes, I have water.
  • Did you eat any meat? No, I am a vegetarian, I did not eat any meat.

Do you have any update?

It's not correct. Don't use this phrase.

Updates are countable items, so the plural form of the word should be used when paired with any.

This is a question asked to learn if there is new information about something.


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