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base vs bedrock

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

base is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!


2,180,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Jet fighters bombed a guerrilla base...
  • His truck never left the base.
  • Suspect in custody, returning to base.
  • Start with base security protocols and covert deployments.
  • Never walked onto a flying base before.
  • Our base was attacked by a giant socialist weasel.
  • Toasters hit our base camp this morning.
  • Third Platoon returning to base, sir.
  • Clever putting a CIA base under an electronics store.
  • Guess who signed him onto the base.
  • His brain is literally sinking into his skull base.
  • The Red Skull escaped HYDRA base.
  • Fuel tank exploded 50 yards from base.
  • The Rishi base has stopped transmitting.
  • Supposedly buried treasure in its base.
  • Landing base Team Alpha, check three.
  • Immediate recall of all base personnel.
  • Rangers have a secure training base there.
  • Setting stylesheet base path to %1.
  • This should be reflected in its legal base.


14,700,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • I think the bedrock to any great relationship is the friendship.
  • Divorce is the bedrock of this great nation.
  • An expansive vocabulary is the bedrock of sagacity.
  • It was the bedrock of the most lofty ideals.
  • The programs that you want to scale back or dismantle are the bedrock of the American dream.
  • Democratic values and respect for human rights and individual freedoms provide the bedrock on which the EU has been built.
  • Grovetown is built on a bedrock of faith that I instilled.
  • Their work is the bedrock of every production.
  • Emotional baggage is the bedrock of America's most important cultural export.
  • Terrorism is an abstract term but it has a specific political bedrock.
  • This is the bedrock of the European Union.
  • It is the bedrock of our identity.
  • We carved the bedrock upon which it stands, yet there is not a bridge, an alley, a ditch that carries our name.
  • While I hold the defendant's behavior abhorrent and callous, there is no greater bedrock to our society than the First Amendment.
  • They have a fierceness and a freedom that I believe is the bedrock of a new paradigm.
  • The fight against discrimination is of crucial importance, and represents the bedrock of the European Union's values.
  • In a world which knows so much uncertainty, oppression, deprivation and violence, the Union is a bedrock of prosperity, stability and deep-rooted democracy.
  • These should lead to the creation of a bedrock of international rules shared by all Member States.
  • The foundations of the Pavesich decision have prevailed with minor variations to become the bedrock of American law on this topic.
  • Since the Second World War, Mr President, human rights have been the bedrock on which Europe is being built.


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